What thoughts and emotions are affecting your cells? Here is the science behind it.

In a plastic tissue culture dish, the composition of the growth medium (environment) controls the fate of the cells. The human body, is by definition, a “skin-covered culture dish” containing ~50,000,000,000,0000 (fifty trillion) cells. The cells are maintained by a culture medium … popularly known as blood. The chemical composition of the blood is the equivalent of the culture medium used in the plastic culture dishes. Changing the composition of the blood’s chemistry is the same as changing a culture’s growth medium. The brain is the regulatory organ that regulates and maintains the chemical composition of the blood. The brain’s control of the blood’s chemistry is linked to our perceptions (mind) and emotions (reflecting chemical signals in the blood). When you have a perception of love, the brain releases oxytocin (love hormone that regulates body’s metabolism and supports growth), serotonin and growth hormone, ALL chemicals that when added to cells in a culture dish will enhance growth and health of the cells. In contrast when a person is in fear, their brain releases stress hormones (cortisol, norepinephrine and histamine) that shut down a cell’s growth processes and inhibits the immune system, which happens to be completely unsustainable for life.

Your thoughts adjust the brain’s control of the blood, which in turn controls that fate of the cells …MIND OVER BODY!

14 thoughts on “What thoughts and emotions are affecting your cells? Here is the science behind it.

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    If science isn’t your thing, I get it. I made it through my science classes with a little better than a passing grade… along time ago. What it lovely about this is the simple and logical explanation of just how our thoughts and feelings affect our health. What we eat also affects the function of the system that support us, called our body. Yet, when we open to accepting the lovely gift that our lives really are, we begin to nurture our bodies with healthier choices. Our thoughts affect and are at the very core of our choices as well.

    Change your thoughts, change your life…and be healthy.
    Heal the world.

  2. ¡Perfecto!
    Estoy convencida de ello y por este motivo estoy en proceso de modificar toda mi conducta, que siempre ha sido regulada por el miedo. Desde mi más tierna infancia he recibido ordenes o consejos que me han inducido a la inseguridad y el temor. Temor a las personas principalmente: temor a no ser aceptada si no hacía bien lo que esperaban otros de mi, cuando debería de haber recibido una educación de apoyo, estímulo y confianza en mi misma.¡Es tarde… pero todavía hay tiempo!. Aquella educación castradora era equivocada pero también era la que mis padres habían recibido de los suyos. Hoy somos conscientes de que los niños deben de ser educados ensalzando sus valores, para que desarrollen unos estímulos positivos; creativos y en confianza. Hoy todavía hay muchas familias que no saben esto, pero estamos en el buena línea. Usted señor Lipton ha descubierto el camino de hacerlo. Es fantástico lo que ha alcanzado a descubrir, que nos enseña de manera fácil y divertida. ¿Porque no le dan el premio Nobel” Gracias por todo. Estoy leyendo su primer libro, después llegarán los siguientes.
    Muchas gracias, estoy encantada de haberle encontrado

    María José Martínez.

    I am convinced of this, and for this reason I am in the process of changing all my behavior, which has always been governed by fear. From my early childhood I have received orders or tips that have led me to insecurity and fear. Fear of people in particular: fear of not being accepted if he did well what others expected of me when I should have received education support, encouragement and confidence in my misma.¡Es late … but there’s still time! . That castrating education was wrong but it was also my parents had received theirs. Today we are aware that children should be educated extolling its values​​, to develop a positive stimulus; creative and confident. Today there are still many families who do not know this, but we are in good line. You, Mr. Lipton has discovered the way to do it. It’s fantastic what he has achieved to discover that teaches easy and fun way. Why not give the Nobel “prize Thanks for everything. I’m reading his first book, then come the following.
    Thank you very much, I am delighted to have found

    María José Martínez.

  3. HI Bruce … have heard a couple of your videos. I am an author of a book MasterMind and it is a 6th sense guided book. I agree with you 100% that it is the mind that controls the body and it is also true that brain synapses allow movement of messages throughout our body. But how do the messages reach us and just what is mind. I guess you already know that the mind is the conscious part of us … the part we call our divinely guided in knowledge of the self. So where is this divine energy stored in us. Would you help me get my miracle out into the world ? God shared with me that it is in our auras … the electromagnetic field of energy that covers our cells and atoms is where the divine consciousness is to be found. Not the Higgs Boson particle. I have patented this knowledge with the creative commons licence. My e-mail id is rodalangrana@gmail.com. I would be happy to continue a dialogue there.

  4. The brain is the regulatory organ that regulates and maintains the chemical composition of the blood. The brain’s control of the blood’s chemistry is linked to our perceptions (mind) and emotions (reflecting chemical signals in the blood).
    I understand this, but when there are hurt feelings the body protects us from feeling that hurt again. It creates an other layer of protection when it’s close to the core of the pain. (fight/flight reaction)

    So in our conscious mind we can’t go there anymore to release that pain in the core. (fight/flight reaction)
    In the drybloodanalisis it shows the pain at the core. by coaching to get to the painful event and be aware what the painful emotions are/were it changes completely. The stress by painful emotions are gone and it releases the stress. The body goes in to relaxation, and the triggers that makes us react on certain circumstances (situations/people) are not there anymore.

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  6. Thank you Bruce for this discovery – you help me to understand better, what power lies in my thoughts and how good it is, to be in the present to have access to my conscious mind and also to be much more careful about my thoughts. So interesting to see, that I really have so much negative thoughts about myself rising up unconsciously. I am very grateful for this knowledge. ❤

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  8. Amazing and something I have believed and been looking into for a while now. I did a psychology degree recently and was astounded to discover psychneuroimmunology. It seemed to bring science and alternative therapies and ways of thinking together. It made me happy to know that things like eft , positive thinking , positive living and accupuncture seem to be given some kind of acknowledgment in the world of science (though psychology is not considered a true science by many- what could be more true/real than our thoughts?!). Thank you for sharing your work. 🙂

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