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Have you seen the positive impact of good parenting?
“Why Love Matters: How Affection Shapes a Baby’s Brain”
How would you describe conscious parenting?
What kind of parenting has impacted your life?
How do we become good parents?
‘The Human Genome Project’ – A Cosmic Joke that has Scientists Rolling in the Aisle
What is the cosmic joke?
A Cosmic Joke that has the Scientists Rolling in the Aisle
Election what? Election who?
What are the lasting benefits of healing touch, communication and the environment?
You may never miss the water till the well runs dry!
What kind of community are you a part of?
What discovery have you stumbled upon?
Being in Nature Changes the Brain
Can we work together to prevent more ‘climate change’?
How to spot hidden sugars?
Ever felt that you were in the right place at the right time?
How and why are our cells smarter than we are?
When are our institutions going to change?
What is your story? Live the story, share the story
Where is the evidence that we will have a positive future?
Want to change your belief system? Here’s how!
What book are you reading? Has it been life changing..?
What do you know about addiction?
Is our revolution here?
How is your body signaling to you?
Why Is Quantum Biology Still Being Ignored By Conventional Medicine?
Do you want your questions answered?!
If I am Creating My Own Life…I Wouldn’t Have Created This!
How do we transform the current state of the planet?
Are we beyond Darwin’s theory?
What are the 2015 upcoming events?
Is evolution in our own hands?
How is my research linked to epigenetics?
Welcome Coast to Coast Audience and Cultural Creatives!
Do you have July 4th plans?
What would you like to share with us today?
What is your “voice” saying?

July Gratitude

What are the techniques to rewrite the programs of our subconscious?

Translated Video 2

Translated Video 1

When was your first big love?

My beliefs growing up

How does nature encourage long-term relationships?

Taking your personal survival one step further

Have we adapted to the new norms?

What are your instincts?

How has your life been on this young planet?

June Membership Call

How do we more effectively control our lives and health?

Thomas Hobbes Natural Laws in Nine Percepts

Let’s talk about our Spontaneous Evolution!

More than you thought you knew on epigenetics…

Who is in charge of your body?

Want a vibrant healthy life?

What are your powers?

“Wake Up Your WOW”!

Free Upcoming Events!

What would you like to share this month of May?

What is your premier elixir of life?

Want health, happiness and harmony in a time of love?

Remember when you first heard about the secret to life being found?

How do you store your experiences?

Is there a way to change subconscious patterns?

Is working on our subconscious the only way to change?

Happy 2015 Earth Day!

What does your perception depend on?

What does it take to live in a perpetual ‘Happy Honeymoon’ state?

Do you remember Tunisia?

What do you think will be significant in the future?

“Is your Brain Really Necessary?”

How do you use 100% of your brain?

How do we awaken consciousness?

What do you think about building a greater collective field of consciousness than what exists now?

Resource – the answer to your questions are here!

If we have the solutions, why then are we so caught-up in all this trauma?

Who or what turns on the switch?

Are you what you eat?

Water Day this Sunday!

Want to transform your aging process?

Continuing…The Conscious Mind: The Creator Within

What do you know about – Your Conscious Mind: The Creator Within?

What was your life like in the womb?

How is our world shifting?

How does love and evolution intermingle?

How are you aware?

What about your certitude (or is it a belief?) that the mind is stronger then the genes?

Where did that behavior come from?

Does life work out as planned?

Ever had this moment?

What are your programmed perceptions?

What simple insights would you like to share? Have you thought about what comes next?

What do you want to learn about the subconscious mind?

Who’s running the show?

Is the subconscious mind a connecting link between finite mind and the collective consciousness?

Have you heard of this new edge biology conclusion…?

What is the real secret of life?

Are you ready to free your mind?

What are the four myths of perception?

What does a parent do who doesn’t want to instill the same programs in their child that they observed?

What does a parent do who doesn’t want to instill the same programs in their child that they observed?

How has your fall harvest season been? What are you grateful for? Happy Thanksgiving

What you believe is the most important factor in raising happy, healthy children?

Prepare what? Epigenetics what?

How does the mother’s emotional well-being impact the child within her womb?

What is a baby’s level of awareness and consciousness within the womb?

What is the power of connecting with your own truth?

Metaphorically, how could cells be conceived as miniature “people”?

In our current worldly state, what is the ecological aspect of the biology of belief?

What is the New Biology and how does it unify conventional medicine, complementary medicine, as well as spiritual healing?

How have you used your healing power?

What do you think about Gaia Theory and what is it?

So is reptile thinking leading to the end of the world and how can we break the doors of people’s perception?

Is it the end of the world? How can we break the doors of people’s perception?

Are there cancer genes?

Are you feeling hopeful?

When was your wake up call?

Ever heard of a gene card? What’s yours?

How does energy impact cells?

Do you know how energy impacts your cells?

What would you say about the possibility of controlling the formation of the blood vessels from our mind? What is the physiological and mental path and the benefit of this power?

Why does music affect us so deeply?

What is epigenetics? #2

Can our Prayers with Positive “Intention” Change out Life Around?

Let’s take action and create our heaven on earth! But how…?

What does science say about this mind over matter stuff?

What is your opinion on Monsanto?

How does the large percent of people that have ‘the gene’ not get ‘the cancer?’

What if you could have your wishes and dreams come true every day?

Blurb on Love and Fear


What perceptions are shaping your biology?

How do you want to live your life?

How do we respond to life?

What was your life changing moment?

Before “The Biology of Belief”

Have you every heard that in a relationship there are “4 minds” interacting with each other?

Good Vibrations

14 thoughts on “Topics Posted

  1. Doctor Bruce love you work and so inspired from your teachings.

    question is there a list of let’s say 6 primary limiting beliefs downloaded in adolescence that I could use to effect change on?

    seeking a starting point 🙂

  2. I would have to say that reading the book “Eat, Pray Love” was the first thing that got me thinking. Then I started going to a yoga class. Then I read the “Power or Positive Thinking”-which I believe! And now I have my coaches, Dr. Dyer, Joel Osteen, Neil D. Walsh, Esther, Dr. Amen and most recently you. I heard a talk you gave for the Hay House World Summit and really liked it. I like the idea that we have the power to change our genes. Thank you for what you do.

  3. So, should I just use all the questions above as an outline? Lol… Don’t know who reads this, but I’d like to just extend my respect and gratitude to Bruce for his work and presence and it’s impact on my life. It’s been a doozy! I do have a question about a topic that I have not heard him address, and that is the case of the genetics involved in muscular dystrophy, specifically Duchenne. This post is not the place to detail it – is there a place it’s been addressed in print anywhere? Or is there a different forum for a rather unique question? If not, I’m sure I’ll figure it out – and I’ll have something to share with you one day! Peace –

  4. I am a nde that had vision of the same info your research supports. I didn’t ask for it. No idea why I got it. But it’s profound that you speak of it and I’m grateful someone with your background is doing it. It’s important. Thought you might want to know. I think your ideas could change the world. Keep up the great work.

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  8. The idea that trillions of cells have evolved to create a single consciousness within a human individual, and the idea that this evolution expanded into social entities such as family-unit, tribal-unit, city-state unit, and eventually into the present day nation-unit begs the question: Are we heading toward yet another evolution into the next phase: A world-state unit? This is perhaps the next step in the natural evolution of consciousness from single-celled creatures to human consciousness and ultimately into a world consciousness.

    What seems to be interesting to note is that just as the consciousness of the individual cells in the human body cease to exist on its own and all that exists is the single consciousness of the entire colony of cells in what we call a human unit, similarly as we evolve into such a world consciousness, the consciousness of individual members of the society will merge into a collective consciousness of one-human race.

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