How is mind evolution linked in your vision with global evolution?

For me “awareness” is key to creating a global evolution. “Awareness” is the primary trait offered by the nervous system. The more evolutionarily advanced an organism is, the more awareness it possesses. Scientists generally consider the degree of “awareness” as the primary measure of evolution. Humanity is on the verge of a dramatic increase in our “awareness.” We will begin to become aware that each human being is the equivalent of a “cell” in the body of a superorganism, Humanity. Currently, humans are fighting each other, which is the same as when cells in the body attack other cells in the body. When body cells fight each other, in medicine, we refer to the resulting illness as representing “autoimmune disease” (translates as “self-destruction”), where the body destroys itself from within. The survival of humanity is now threatened by the equivalent of “autoimmune disease” since humans are killing each other. When we become aware that we are all cells in the SAME body, that evolution in our consciousness will allow humanity to heal itself and evolve.

4 thoughts on “How is mind evolution linked in your vision with global evolution?

  1. ¡Que bien se explica y que bien le entiendo!. Cuando escuché sus comentarios en la entrevista que aparece en You Tube, pensé esto mismo que nos detalla ahora. Me vi como una pequeña célula en el cuerpo enorme que es la tierra, que a su vez es otra célula de ese cuerpo inmenso que es nuestra galaxia “La vía Láctea” y le entendí querido señor Lipton… ¡Que claro me parece ahora todo!.. aunque me queda mucho por aprender, sé que lo voy a conseguir yendo de su mano…¡ Habla usted con sabiduría!; Con sabiduría sencilla al alcance de todos los humanos. Es una delicia poder entrar en u mente y seguir sus hallazgos a través de sus libros. Sus sabias palabras tendrían que llegar a todos los hombres y…poder parar las guerras. Estamos en un momento crucial de apertura mental, de desterrar la ceguera para entrar en las luz y usted ha sido iluminado para que nos abra el camino a quienes lo buscamos.

    Muchas… muchas gracias
    María José

    That well explained and well you understand !. When I heard his comments in the interview shown on You Tube, I thought the same thing we now detailing. I saw myself as a small cell in the body, the huge land, which in turn is another cell that immense body that is our galaxy “The Milky Way” and I understood dear Mr. Lipton … What seems clear to me now everything! .. although I have much to learn, I know I’m going to get your hand … you speak wisely !; With simple wisdom available to all humans. It is a delight to enter or mind and follow their findings through their books. His wise words have to reach all men and … to stop wars. We are at a crucial moment of open-mindedness, to banish blindness to enter the light and you have been lit to open the way to those who seek.

    Thank you … thank you very much
    María José

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