What would you like to share with us today?

Below are short statements worth sharing.

What is happening in the world today is similar to what’s happening to the body of a person who has an auto-immune disease.  Because we are not in harmony with the environment, we’re destroying the environment that supports us.

So how do we become harmonious with the environment? Perhaps a shift of belief….

The significance of this shift in belief is vast in that the original view led to the notion that we are victims of our biology. Whereas the ‘new’ sciences show that we are actually masters of our biology.  Remember the ‘central dogma’?

In the dogma’s scheme of how life unfolds, DNA perched loftily on top, followed by RNA – the short lived ‘Xerox’ copy of the DNA. The new understanding of how genes work is that this hypothesis is incorrect because genes are actually blueprints that are read.

You may be asking, read by whom?

Exactly. That was the question. Suddenly the emphasis shifted and the issue became, who the heck is reading them? It transpires that the reader is the mind. So the mind becomes the all-powerful contractor of the body. The mind tells the cells what it anticipates and the cells go into the blueprint – the DNA – and create what the mind is anticipating.



What thoughts and emotions are affecting your cells? Here is the science behind it.

In a plastic tissue culture dish, the composition of the growth medium (environment) controls the fate of the cells. The human body, is by definition, a “skin-covered culture dish” containing ~50,000,000,000,0000 (fifty trillion) cells. The cells are maintained by a culture medium … popularly known as blood. The chemical composition of the blood is the equivalent of the culture medium used in the plastic culture dishes. Changing the composition of the blood’s chemistry is the same as changing a culture’s growth medium. The brain is the regulatory organ that regulates and maintains the chemical composition of the blood. The brain’s control of the blood’s chemistry is linked to our perceptions (mind) and emotions (reflecting chemical signals in the blood). When you have a perception of love, the brain releases oxytocin (love hormone that regulates body’s metabolism and supports growth), serotonin and growth hormone, ALL chemicals that when added to cells in a culture dish will enhance growth and health of the cells. In contrast when a person is in fear, their brain releases stress hormones (cortisol, norepinephrine and histamine) that shut down a cell’s growth processes and inhibits the immune system, which happens to be completely unsustainable for life.

Your thoughts adjust the brain’s control of the blood, which in turn controls that fate of the cells …MIND OVER BODY!