How does the large percent of people that have ‘the gene’ not get ‘the cancer?’

Having a specific gene that increases the probability of a cancer 
does NOT mean having the cancer. Only certain “percentages” of 
patients with identified genes actually get the cancer. The point is 
that “gene” does not cause cancer, for if it did everyone with the 
gene would, by definition, end up with the cancer. The most 
important question is, “How does the large percent of people that 
have the gene NOT get the cancer?” A question medicine totally ignores.
The answer lies in the fact that it takes from 15-20 different genes 
must be modified to get a cancer off the ground…the other genes 
(and perhaps the identified so-called “oncogenes” as well) are genes 
that are activated in regard to our responses to life. Perceptions 
and the mind are the primary mechanisms that control gene activity, 
this being the meat and potatoes of Epigenetics. Consequently, the 
initiation of cancer is now being recognized to have a major life-
style component, even the National Cancer Society has recognized that
 greater than 60% of all cancers are life-style related.

So what about Angelina Jolie and her health choice? Click here: (Angelina Jolie – The Biology of Belief Video)

2 thoughts on “How does the large percent of people that have ‘the gene’ not get ‘the cancer?’

  1. Reblogged this on Align with Nature and commented:
    Well, this seems to be the answer to my quest at the end of my post yesterday. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton’s “biology of belief.” it is always our choice—conscious or subconscious—to hold on to a belief, which in turn manifests itself in the physical form. So, your ideas about certain health issues are always unfailingly reflected in your body and in your life. In his article and video, find out more about how this concept plays out in two contrasting examples—that of Angelina Jolie, who chose to do preventive mastectomy to prevent the breast cancer that she believe would descend upon her one day, and that of Anita Moorjani, whose near-death experience awakened her to the fact that she did have a choice to believe whether she had cancer or not. The story of how she came back to life, and lost her tumor in a stunningly short time, is shocking yet enlightening!

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