What is physics?


4 thoughts on “What is physics?

  1. Hello Bruce. I am glad to meet you even on the virtual realm. I think you are the greatest scientist of our modern times.
    You always have a lot to offer and your explanations are fantasticly good spoken: easy to understand and easy to get fixed in the memory.
    Thank you for your wonderfull work!
    Succesive succes from now on!
    I would like to personaly meet you some day, I am from Romania, maybe you will have a seminar here.
    With honour and respect, your friend Gabi.

  2. Thank you Bruce. As Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi said about the atom in the 13th century, that once its secrets were known then the Creation would be more clear, your work is in his line.
    I am of the view that era change has a portal that does not open to a mass viability until a bellwether disease is attended to.
    In the move from agrarian to industrial centres, hygiene and sanitation and public consciousness all had to change.
    The water borne diseases and their plagues have the spur to move the language from the old era to the new.
    As mankind shivers and shakes in the labour pains of a new era, the move from industrial to digital centres, the disease that attends the portal of mass movement is one of stuck-addiction© .
    Unless and until this disease is attended to, the new era cannot attain mass viability.

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