Want your power back?!

You want to get your power back. You have to look at those subconscious programs because science has revealed that most of them, seventy percent or more, are really leading to limiting, sabotaging beliefs that are self-destructive. And this is why we can’t get out of our own way because we didn’t even see we were in her own way because we were doing it unconsciously.
The basis of the biology of belief is that genes don’t control life. On of the experiments that I personally did in my lab was going to a cell and remove the structure called the nucleus. The nucleus is the structure that contains the genes. If genes control life and you throw away the nucleus, then there shouldn’t be anything to control life in the cell and the joke is the cells can live for two and a half or more months with no genes and they still carry out all the complexities of life, moving around, eating, breathing, talking, avoiding toxins. The first thing you are asking is who’s controlling the cells if it’s not the genes.
Secondly, my experiments on stem cells which are started in 1967. I’d isolate one stem cell, put it in a Petri dish. And then it would divide every ten hours and after a few days I’d have thousands of cells in there. They all came from one cell, meaning they were genetically identical, like ten thousand cells in a Petri dish. I separated the cells in three Petri dishes, then I changed their growth medium, the constituents of the environment. In the first dish they form bone, in the second they form muscle and a third form fat cells. All of a sudden you have to stop and start with the big question: what controls the fate of a cell?

11 thoughts on “Want your power back?!

  1. The Cosmic or Universal Force that took care of the fused egg that became you is also in every living cell and It controls what the cells and genes do while the cells are alive. That Cosmic Force then serves as your Spirit or Soul that is always within your Being while you are physically alive!! (Isn’t it the same as the white blood cells —I think…— that do not have nucleus but do function in your Being?). And you can learn to experience that Presence within!!

  2. Dr Lipton,
    Have you experimented growing those cells in Petri dish, marked with different words; gratitude, joy, etc? Provided them with different levels of attention? It is known that water responds to those. And I am just curious.

  3. Hi Bruce, I totally get it from an intellectual standpoint. I watched about a dozen of your videos, and I find them fascinating and entertaining and I think my conscious mind gets it. It all makes perfect sense to me. Since our 75 trillion cells are not holding hands to stay together there has to be some sort of energy blueprint that holds the whole thing together. If that’s the case, obviously our thoughts and beliefs are energy as well. But where do they originate? Where does the annoying voice come from that tells me, against my better knowledge, that I can’t do or obtain certain things? Even more important, how do I shut up this moron? I know it’s not real and I believe I have a basic understanding of how the universe works, at least according to the new science. I feel that I’m not a slave to my genes, but a slave to my beliefs. Grrrrr.

    Keep the good stuff coming and thanks for sharing all those amazing results of your research.

    Peace and light

  4. Hi Bruce This blog seems not quite right and I do hate to complain because for many years I have followed you and enjoyed your presentations. I purchased 3 copies of your “Honeymoon Effect”. You are my favourite biologist.

    But I wonder what has happened to cause so many grammatical errors. It is almost as if someone else is writing for you now. Or perhaps you normally have your material edited and this one was missed along the way.

    The material you are writing about now is not new to me. As an ex life coach and a meditation teacher I am familiar with it from several sources. I was once an Ishaya monk teaching meditation using these very ideas.

    Your scientific experiments with genes and stem cells are exciting, but where are you getting your information about the mind?

    I would rather see you quoting your sources.

    Or maybe it is my old aged mind becoming more suspicious of potential fraud.

    I am very disappointed in your latest presentations.

    • Saryanavat, if you have read Dr. Lipton’s book, “The Wisdom of Your Cells,” this blog post makes perfect sense. This post seems hastily written, but is beautifully congruent with his core beliefs and scientific discoveries.

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