Have you seen the positive impact of good parenting?

In the 1990s Jame W. Prescott, former director of the National Institutes of Health’s section on Child Health and Human Development, concluded that the most peaceful cultures on Earth feature parents who maintain extensive physical, loving contact with their children (for example, carrying their babies on their chests and backs throughout the day). In addition, these cultures do not suppress adolescent sexuality, viewing it instead as a natural state of development that prepares adolescents for successful adult relationships. He also found that children (and animals) that do not experience loving touch are unable to suppress their stress hormones, an inability that is a harbinger of violent behavior.  Says Prescott, “As a developmental neuropsychologist, I have devoted a great deal of study to the peculiar relationship between violence and pleasure. I am now convinced that the deprivation of physical sensory pleasure is the principal root cause of violence”

Prescott’s persuasive research has been ignored in “advanced” societies where the natural process of birth has been medicalized; where newborns are separated from their parents for extended periods; where parents are told to let infants cry for fear of spoiling them; where parents goad young children to achieve more by telling them they’re not good enough; where parents, believing that genes are destiny, let children develop on their own. All of these unnatural parenting behaviors are a recipe for continued violence on this planet.


3 thoughts on “Have you seen the positive impact of good parenting?

  1. Hello Dr. Lipton,

    I was one of the lucky people who had a chance to read your book, The Biology of Belief , translated to Hebrew. In Chapter 7 you used an expression that caught my attention, referring to the “battle between the conscious and subconscious”— the Great War that occurs in any individual with a dominant mind. Your description of this battle and the terms you used left me speechless … for, seven years ago I came across another script that described the same battle that you described so specifically in the seventh chapter of your book, and the amazing part is that the author of that text used the same professional terminology that you yourself used; it seems to me that one of the two authors “stole” the terms and concept of war from the other, but there is only one problem: the first author published his book more than three thousand years ago, while the second author never thoroughly read and studied that ancient script, of this I have no doubt.

    Please see the attached letter_ http://tora.us.fm/tnk1/messages/sofrim_shabot_index_102.html

    • Forgive my simple language but why so much condescendance towards Bruce when you are both doing such an amazing “job” in supporting humanity each in your own way? I find your writing fascinating and it will take me time to read it thoroughly/ a long time to get a deeper unerstanding of it but it is for each of us to find how they resonate within us.
      Since we are talking about the mind…..why such a conflicting mind towards someone else’s interpretation/understanding ? Do we not all create from that which already exists?
      As to myself the solution to this “battle” is going within, through experiencing deep meditation which can only happen through total surrender. Then only Oneness is experienced and therefore conflict of interpretation disappear….the only way to lasting peace on this planet

  2. I feel deep gratitude for the wisdom, you share. How come, this is not understood from mankind? It is so easy to get isn’t it? Yes, this is what each of us need to understand now. It is a core message. How can we spread it to all? For sure Science has to change it’s point of view very quickly. For lasting peace on this Planet Earth. Namaste.

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