“Why Love Matters: How Affection Shapes a Baby’s Brain”

Remember yesterday’s post where conscious parenting was described as being: “How beautiful. How natural. How simple.”

So simple that British psychotherapist Sue Gerhardt in Why Love Matters: How Affection Shapes a Baby’s Brain couldn’t be more correct when she writes, “Most of all, my research leads me to believe that, if the will and resources were available, the harm done to one generation need not be transmitted to the next: a damage child need not inevitably become a damaging parent.”

There is nothing inevitable about generation after generation of bad parenting, and the importance of breaking this cycle cannot be overestimated. In The Honeymoon Effect, I talked about how negative programming can undermine relationships and how profound an impact good parenting can make on our violence-torn planet!

Have you seen the positive impact of good parenting?


4 thoughts on ““Why Love Matters: How Affection Shapes a Baby’s Brain”

  1. Aloha! I absolutely KNOW that we are born in a perfect state of love and that conscious parenting can indeed allow that love to simply grow. And as that love grows individually, we know that it surely will grow in the larger “community”, for that is our nature! As a Naturopathic physician and midwife for over 30 years, my experience tells me that Love is at the heart of everything. Creating environments that nruture Love, with this awareness that “programming” IS happening, absolutely inspires us to BE Conscious. Loving this connection and appreciating ALL. Peace & Blessings,

  2. As a traditionally trained and practicing psychiatrist and psychotherapist I KNOW that loving, caring, and compassionate parenting has an enormously beneficial effect on children. The earlier (infancy) the better, but it’s never “too late.”

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