How would you describe conscious parenting?

I’m the first to admit that I wasn’t ready to be a parent and that I was ignorant about the importance of parents (versus genes) in child development. With 20/20 hindsight, there are many things as a father I’d like to go back and change. Now when I see my daughters and sons-in-law raising their children consciously, in a way that means that these children, unlike their grandfather, won’t have to rewrite a lot of negative programming, I wonder how I could have been so ignorant. I’m reminded of Bharat Mitra’s description of organic farming, which could also serve as a description of conscious parenting: “How beautiful. How natural. How simple.”

A great resource is a British psychotherapist Sue Gerhardt’s book Why Love Matters: How Affection Shapes a Baby’s Brain.

Tomorrow we’ll look at Sue Gerhardt’s book and how nothing inevitable.


2 thoughts on “How would you describe conscious parenting?

  1. I was raised by an overly security conscious Mom. She experienced some things in own childhood to set her up for that. She was anxious, and felt ill-prepared for Motherhood. She and I share today (it’s getting better) some anxiety issues, to say the least. My Dad, was a Stoic, but prone to escaping the family when he needed to blow off steam. Neither parent growing up were skilled to become consciously self-aware. This left me entering adult-hood without the skills I needed to parent with open, relaxed eyes. In spite of all we went through up to this point in life as a family, there has always been a foundation of unconditional love.

    As it is in professional parenting of wounded adults (therapy) I’ve come to appreciate that in order to raise our kids consciously, we need to personally take responsibility for healing any pain from our own upbringings. So much of how I ended up living was unconscious, auto-pilot, learned parenting behaviour that was never questioned to help myself in the way I’d now approach myself, parenting and living through adult life. Conscious Parenting requires us to know thyself. Sorting out our own childhood dramas, making sense of our lives, and finding peace: If I had parenting to do all over again, I’d not rush into being a Dad, until my own work in therapy was done.

    Conscious Parenting takes effort towards becoming more brilliantly self-aware. My Mom had Dr. Spock. She laughs out loud today, reflecting on her learning to parent from him. 🙂

  2. Conscious parenting is the belief and subsequent actions and responses as you raise a child 100% in the knowledge that they are a soul first, a body second. ❤️

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