What kind of parenting has impacted your life?

How do we become good parents? Continuing on from yesterday’s post.

Here’s an example. A dad is shopping at Kmart with his five-year-old son. The son spies a toy he becomes enthralled with and he has to have it now. When his dad says no, the child throws a huge tantrum that attracts the attention of every shopper in the toy section. Frustrated (most of us have been there), the dad gets upset and angrily blurts out his most authoritative, scary voice, “You don’t deserve that!” The younger child directly downloads the dads words and his rejecting tone at face value. I’m not good enough. I’m not lovable.

This “not lovable” programming is one of the biggest impediments to creating the Honeymoon Effect in your life. In face when subconscious programming is assessed with muscle testing, most people’s subconscious minds reject the statement “I love myself.” We are able to reprogram ourselves to being loving beings to others and ourselves. By fully loving ourselves we will be able to mend this torn planet and profoundly impact our children.

Here’s a bit of my childhood

Like everyone, I was programmed in a way that enabled some things in my life to come naturally. My programming emphasized the importance of education. To my parents, the value of an education was the difference between the life of a ditch digger just getting by and a white-collar executive with soft hands and a soft life. They were clearly of the opinion that “You cannot amount to anything in this world without an education.” Given their beliefs, unsurprisingly, my parents held nothing back when it came to expanding my educational horizons.

What is your story and how has it impacted your life?

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2 thoughts on “What kind of parenting has impacted your life?

  1. Aloha! I recently attended your lecture held at Agape International Spiritual Center, via live-streaming here on the Big Island of Hawai’i.
    I have been exploring these topics and gaining an understanding in everything you spoke to and am in deep appreciation for your commitment, vision and words. I look forward to cultivating a dynamic exchange.
    Peace & Blesings, Patricia

  2. you are a wonderful resource and influence Bruce. I appreciate your work and all your efforts in making this planet and her people better. We are one with everything… thanks for all of it!

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