Election what? Election who?

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4 thoughts on “Election what? Election who?

  1. Clear, informed, inspiring, transformational!
    Thank-you Bruce Lipton, Thank-you Bharat Mitra, Bhavani Lev, Prashanti and all those who are so dedicatedly working at “Organic India” to create a more sustainable world. I love how you are taking it to the next level, from “Organic” to “Agroecology!”
    Do you know of Oren Lyons work? He is the “Faithkeeper” of the Onondaga Nation in upstate New York, and filled with integrity and vision. I know him from the annual non-profit “Bioneers Conference” that occurs in San Rafael, CA every year. He is actively working with Swedish engineers to build “Vertical Greenhouses.” It may support a part of what you are envisioning. Here’s a brief article on what he is creating:
    PS I have no vested interests, only a heartfelt desire to help connect “Cultural Creatives” around the world. Together we are creating a Heaven on Earth for all of us!

    Love, Love, Love,
    Dr. Suzanne Bijli Lerner

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