What are the lasting benefits of healing touch, communication and the environment?

Evolution based on love rather than fear is emerging, and we are its co-creators. Our children being our richest resource and, therefore, it is to teach them to love and live in a harmonious co-existence with our global neighbors. Our children are our future, after all.

The following is an article originally published in MASSAGE Magazine.
Andrea Kelly interviewed Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

The Triad Family Experience
For three decades, the World Institute for Nurturing Communication has passionately and responsibly taught infant massage. We recently held an infant massage instructors certification class, and our students included nurses from neonatal intensive care, labor and delivery; a social worker; an occupational therapist; a physical therapist; and a great-grandmother.

Our educators stress the importance of extending love through practicing nurturing touch for the parent-and-infant bonding-and-attachment process.

However, with Lipton’s discoveries and research over the past five years came more knowledge and, therefore, additional responsibilities. Lipton’s research inspired us, as an organization, to want to improve and deliver a more complete program for family attachment. Attachment can be fragile, and one might have a better chance to keep the family connection that may endure a lifetime if properly nurtured.

We now look beyond infant massage and teach the Triad Family Experience, for healthy family development that may last a lifetime, by providing nurturing touch, a safe and positive environment, and compassionate communication. Together, these three elements may maximize a baby’s intended genetic potential.

“Genetics are not final at birth,” Lipton said. “The continuum of DNA development and reaching maximum potential has everything to do with environment before and after birth.”

The Triad Family Experience gives a more complete picture of the ingredients necessary for healthy family development that goes beyond nurturing touch.

Environmental influences, such as what we think, the food we eat and our emotional state, can modify our genes without changing their basic blueprint. “The modifications can be passed to future generations the same as DNA blueprints are passed on,” Lipton said. “Therefore, we can alter known family traits that are undesirable after birth by changing our thinking and living a more positive lifestyle.”

For example, we may be predisposed to certain diseases in our family. By changing our eating habits, thinking positively and eliminating stress, we may determine a much better outcome or eliminate the negative predisposition completely.

Massage, in the form of simple nurturing touch, may assist to relax and eliminate stress, while encouraging words can soothe the human spirit at any age. Therefore, the World Institute for Nurturing Communication teaches nurturing touch and games for the growing child that may be adapted throughout one’s life as he or she grows to become a toddler, preschooler, preteen, teen, young adult, a couple, a senior or throughout the hospice process. Sometimes touch is the most loving expression of goodbye.


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