What kind of community are you a part of ?

During my final days at Stanford, I was giving a lecture on the new biology that I was working on and how the membrane was translating the signal from the environment and that those signals by chemistry but were primarily from the energy field as referenced through quantum physics. I was talking about invisible energies, vibrations and controlling cell biology. It was a public lecture on this topic.

Shortly after the lecture, I got a phone call from Dr. Pat Gayman, who was the Dean of Sciences at Life West at the time. She asked me if I would like to come give a lecture at the college. I said that would be very interesting but, I have no knowledge or concept about the chiropractic science at all (this was in the 80s). This is when I was offered a wonderful book from then Life West President Dr. Gerry Clum entitled “The Chiropractors Adjuster” written by DD Palmer.

I entered the welcoming arms of the chiropractic community and found my life got better.


3 thoughts on “What kind of community are you a part of ?

  1. I join a lot of groups and communities worldwide and in the U.S. over websites or FB. My first group has been a healing group after doing an Quantum Touch online-seminar I started healing also via Skype. Meanwhile I joined three real seminars and am working daily and still are working in our FB-community.

  2. My experience of Chiropractors is absolutely wonderful. The ones I have encountered are so aware of the wholeness of the human body and work with it as all connected and can pretty much ease any pain and then allow one’s body to continue the healing of itself!! I love chiropracty and all those who use it to help others.

  3. Dr. Lipton, first and foremost, I am a follower and avid reader of your books and research. Second, it is a pleasure to have you in the Chiropractic community, albeit you have been since the 80’s.
    Thank you for all you do and the knowledge and insight you offer to us.

    Dr. Bret Hoffer

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