What discovery have you stumbled upon?

Between 1981-1987 I spent a lot of time trying to understand the mechanics of how environmental signals from the culture medium we actually controlling gene activity. Without a mechanism, it was only an observation and nothing that science could understand.

That’s when I understood the nature of quantum physics. I already understood the nature of the cell membrane and how it functioned. Armed with this information. I ended up at the Standford School of Medicine in Pathology and Dermatology. At Standford I had an opportunity to expand on those stem cell cultures and environmental influences and write a couple of publications on the nature of how the environment was controlling genes and the membrane was the actual brain of the cell and not the nucleus.


7 thoughts on “What discovery have you stumbled upon?

  1. I am going to a talk by Prof. Jim Alkhalili Sept. 10th 2015 in Portsmouth UK. Skeptics in the Pub. I would love to pose questions regarding how Quantum Physics can help Biology. I look forward to your knowledgeable reply in anticipation. I was very impressed with your book Biology of Belief, very inspiring. My first job was as a Biology Technician.


    Guy Binsted.

  2. I sure am grateful for your discovery!! This is important to understand more complete about our responsibility for our life, our wellbeing. A real milestone to me was when I discovered with studying Arno Grün, that there are no evil humans. We could easily have been disformed more or less in the first years of our life throught our parents and their lack of love. But there is always hope, to rediscover our empathy. So there is no evil unless we create it out of this misperception. Isn’t that a release? To me it was and still is.

  3. Yes the big picture slowly unfolds for me as I learn to download and use intention.opening to its possibilities and influences ,becoming our own creation Thy kingdom come thy will be done ect. Through the din of the conscious mind . and I feel that other cells humans cannot but be effected by a new vibration from others,especially when life has given suffering and deeply they want this .

  4. For me, it has been the discovery of “oneself”. Throughout the works of marvelous people like Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Enric Corbera, David Hawkins and Christian Flèche amongst others, I’ve learned that “Being Conscious” of our emotions, desires and needs, one can discover the infinite power we all have inside us. Tapping into the divine beings of ourselves we realize how endless the world possibilities could be in order to heal, to grow, to forgive and to love everything and everyone around us. Once we breakdown the codes of this programmed reality we “encounter ourselves in the heaven we were meant to be”.

    • Yes I agree, is this not the key to fighting disease (overcoming the integrity of the predator bacteria or virus)via the cell membrane? a paradigm shift in medical science?

  5. Sorry to say, I’m having some difficulty with this. The first sentence has had me stumped, as I wondered if it had been edited and a word was left out, or is it a matter of punctuation.
    Then I looked up “Standford”, thinking there is a school I am unaware of. (That would apply to many schools, among other things I don’t know about).
    Decided that one is a typo.
    Then I had a question about the membrane being the brain and not the nucleus.
    This is all extremely significant stuff to understand and take to heart, and have it become the basis of our wat of dealing with Life, so I don’t want to misinterpret your words.

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