How to spot hidden sugars?

  1. Look at the ingredients on the back of food label. If it is one of the first items listed, then the product is high in sugar.
  2. Sugars may be hidden.  Sometimes they are often disguise under another name.
  • fructose (natural sugar from fruits)
  • lactose (natural sugar from milk)
  • sucrose (made from fructose and glucose)
  • maltose (sugar made from grain)
  • glucose (simple sugar, product of photosynthesis)
  • dextrose (form of glucose)

So what are your choices?

Substitute your sugar for other sweeteners such as honey, agave nectar and maple syrup.

Please feel free to share any articles that you have found empowering. Knowledge is Power!



4 thoughts on “How to spot hidden sugars?

  1. Starches are just long chains of glucose molecules and most people eat more of these than they do sugar. Surely carbohydrates in general are causing the problem.

  2. This is so valuable. We are faced with sugars all the time .. But may not know it.
    As a “by the way” why does supermarket bread have sugar in it here in the US?
    It has become so difficult to have a low sugar diet!

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