Ever felt that you were in the right place at the right time?

So I am in the classroom, I am teaching that genes control life, and yet in the lab cloning stem cells.

Remember when cloning a stem cell, you take one stem cell, which is the equivalent of an embryonic cell, put it in a petri dish by itself and it divides every 10-12 hours. After a week, you have 50,000 cells in the petri dish but the most important fact is that all cells are genetically identical (more on this topic here).

You have to understand that 48 years ago there were only a handful of us in the entire world that knew what a stem cell was. I was actually cloning using the very advanced technology that we’re using today. So I had a unique opportunity to be in the right place at the right time 48 years ago to study stem cells.

What did I discover? More to come this week! Click here is the major discovery.

What did you discover being at the right place at the right time?


5 thoughts on “Ever felt that you were in the right place at the right time?

  1. Nice, I use to believe wherever I am, that is the right place and whatever time it was, it was the right time for there is nothing right and nothing wrong and our thinking makes it so. But then, then, I had no specific aim other than to be good, was always looking at the orders elders would pass on me and had no aims or ambition but I was craving for peace of mind. That is the first conscious thought I hold for my life. Yes, I thought by being so, it will take me to places. As far my first goal, peace of mind, I am very near to my Goal. But as far to contribution and recognition, I am no where and that is the most frustrating experience. But I keep dreaming the impossible. Imagine you are 30 year old, struggling to get a place in the team and yet dream to be in the national team!!! I say unrealistic dream. And I am so positive these days that even in that unrealistic dream I find success!! At least I know one concrete example of unrealistic dream. But then I think after getting what you want, you get used to it and then life is as it was before and we move on to philosophy. At least here there is less competition. Here what I said is true. I am always in the right place at the right time. And one thing, I have observed, my intelligence depends on you!!!!

  2. From my perspective, everything that happens to you or that you cause is a direct result of an energy transfer. You set yourself up and put into place everything that happens to you. There is nothing that happens by chance. You are just not aware that you set it up. Most of the “setup” is done by your higher-self, your spirit you. You were given intention and motivation by your spirit race. We all are puppets of the spirit. You control your physical being when you live from the heart – when you live from the mind or your thoughts, you create your world. Thought is the spark of creation – you then evolve into the world you created. Nothing by chance – everything from design.

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