How and why are our cells smarter than we are?

Human civilization – a “mere” 7 billion of us — is currently struggling to survive.  Meanwhile, the 50 trillion cellular citizens under our skin live in harmony and bliss. There is a misperception in that we are not singular entities, we are communities comprised of living units called cells.  All of the “characters” that we express as humans are derived from the functioning of our cells.

Interestingly, where we have organs to carry out a function, a cell has organelles (miniature organs) carrying out the same functions.  In fact, there is NO new function in a human body that is not already expressed by cells.  Every system we have, e.g., digestive, respiratory, excretory, reproductive, nervous and immune system among others, is present in every cell.  Interestingly, the same mechanisms used by a cell to carry out its behaviors are the very same mechanisms at the heart of our human systems that carry out the same behaviors. A simple truth is that we are made in the “image” of our own cells.  That is why research on cell mechanisms can apply to us for they are directly related to the same mechanisms used in the human body.

In a sense, our cells created us!  Cellular technology is far more sophisticated than anything humans have been able to come up with. Have you heard of biomimicry?

The emerging science of biomimicry extrapolates what nature has used to adapt and survive, and applies that mastery to our human world.  Biomimicry and is a new discipline in biology that uses nature’s best ideas to solve problems. Animals, plants and microbes have found what works, and we can learn from them. They demonstrate ways of functioning that have endured over 3.8 billion years of existence.

What are your thoughts?


20 thoughts on “How and why are our cells smarter than we are?

  1. This brief discussion inspires me to think of fractals. The very tiniest is duplicated throughout the expansiveness of the Universe which of course includes our bodies.

  2. It is not far from the possibility that they all exist for the winner to learned of them . Regeneration of lizards and starfish, metamorphosis of caterpillar, control of crystals in the chameleon skin, photosynthesis of leaf …. but in some natural way :)~

  3. Some of my clients feel more at ease when I describe working with the subconscious as being like talking with the “holy spirit within”.
    They still hold beliefs about not having any personal power, that all change must come thru an outside source and that if you can make those changes yourself it must be demonic in nature. Silly. But we make progress anyway.
    I love your statement about being made in the image of our cells. That’s a beautiful flip on the traditional understanding and interpretation of the bible verses.
    Our cells created us…. therefore they have more ‘power’ than we have previously given them credit for. Which means we can tap into that healing power once we learn to communicate effectively with our body.

    • For your clients, have them consider that each cell carries the holy spirit within.
      They are sanctuaries for out sacred life.

  4. The human body and the cells are absolutely perfect and the man will never do something as perfect as they are. Nature is our best teacher, always…

  5. It is amazing to me how beautifully created we are, so perfect. I had a vision shown to me of how our human bodies are the bigger “cells” in the whole “body” of consciousness. We as humans are the cells of the big body of life. We are all one whole body. I was show that if we humans can work together like the cells in our bodies do then life can flow even more smoothly, just like our tiny cells do. Maybe that’s why we are all learning all of this now, so we can see how truly connected we all are?

  6. But can we use biomimicry to overcome genetic disorders. cells like our bodies are amazing things and show how amazing creation is. We are born from energy, matter and atoms forged from nature and the universe.

  7. Thank you for your wonderful writings! I share with my patients that the body knows how to heal anything, that its wisdom is limitless and if we relax, rest and refuel it will do as divinely programmed.

  8. Nature has the answers for science for sure. It is obvious, that products nowadays are developed in order to make money and strenghten for exampel the mineral oil facility. We need it for cars, airplanes, heating, plastic stuff… there is a big industry behind this. Money makes the world go round… Unfortunately we cannot eat money and little humans have lots of money and most humans have not enough money to live a healthy and happy life. If I look at the humans as a body, then it is obviously something wrong with that body. We live as we are each seperat, no community, no one body, in fact we are fighting each other more than ever. But there are some of us awakening and on a new path of reunification that is growing fast. This is necessary – otherwise the body earth may die soon. So the consciousness of mother earth or the consciousness of the universe or Gods consciousness is what we need. I believe there is a consciousness outside of our body, outside of the earth body, a loving consciousness.

  9. Reblogged this on Art Gallery and commented:
    Our cells certainly have a lot to teach us about cooperation, thriving beyond surviving. What do you think their most important lesson is?

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