When are our institutions going to change?

And why do so many of our institutions, from health care to banking, all seem to be failing  at once?

These institutions were founded to support, enhance and complement the structure of civilization based on prevailing beliefs of that time. Where once these beliefs adequately addressed the perennial questions, their answers are no longer accurate. As science is telling us, life operates as an entangled whole, not merely as separate parts.  Consequently, the failure of our institutions to integrate new understandings is system-wide, and so all systems seem to be failing at once.

As we are seeing particularly in the above-mentioned institutions, patching up the old system cannot work.  Because there has been a change in the core beliefs of society, fundamental systemic change is required.

We are on the verge of a planetary metamorphosis.  This metamorphosis could be described quite simply – it is the story of the caterpillar and the butterfly. The old forms falling apart all around us, that is a healthy and necessary part of the transformative process. Meanwhile, there is a butterfly being born, an amazing “flying machine” that will allow humanity to truly soar above anything it was able to accomplish as a crawling caterpillar. Interestingly, the caterpillar and butterfly have the exact same DNA.  They are the same organism!  The only thing different is the signal each is receiving.  The new beliefs we are adopting based on more accurate information is providing the new “signals” that will usher in our spontaneous evolution.


10 thoughts on “When are our institutions going to change?

  1. Slavery has always been separate parts and not the whole. Outdated moral and economic laws suck the life energy of whole. We are still in pre-packed slavery and without the global evolution of consciousness there will be no butterflies~

    • The big picture is one of energy. As energy beings, we are all puppets of the spirit races from which we came. Humans technically are energy generators for our spirit races. As humans live off of (eat) layers of consciousness, such as plants, chickens, beef, etc, the spirit world lives off of human energy. It takes both a positive and a negative
      wave to propagate and create energy. Both negative and positive have to exist to expand. Within negative and positive energies, mastery and slavery dominate. By your conviction of thought, you create your world. The stronger or more intense your thoughts, the faster you create. That makes one a master. Those with less conviction of thought will always be slaves. There will always be slaves for the masters. 99.999999 per cent of humans follow others thereby being slaves. They are slaves by buying into organized religion, governments and all forms of control. The only way to master your world is create your own world and that is done by thought. You must be well first. What ever you think you need, you become a slave to that need. From my perspective, evil is negative energy and good is positive, semantically speaking. There will always have to exist the negative (evil) and the positive (good). Humans would not know what love is without hate or/and, humans would not know what peace was without war. Evil is to be embraced as much as good. I know, that sounds twisted but that is how the universe works. That is why there has never been peace on earth and never will be. I embrace all as all must exist to create and expand. There are negative spirit races and positive spirit races. When the spirit races are creating and manipulating, so is mankind. As above, so below. Be well your self first. As Bruce Lipton so perfectly says – Be a master of your life! The only one that can be a master of your life is you personally!

  2. Very true, institutions as we know it are failing unless they change. Industry too is failing and consumer demand is changing. NON-GMO, Organic, Veganism, and sustainable energy are all becoming mainstream thanks to consumer demand. As more people become aware of their part in the whole, they will push a new tomorrow!

  3. in short, it lacking harmony between specialists in different areas, unrelated to each other. says well Vittorio Marchi:in universities, we train specialists of science divided in watertight compartments. lost sight of infinite unity !!

  4. We must be aware that there are those who would attempt to use this transformation against us, for their own interest. We must be diligent that we listen to our deeper wisdom as we move through this amazing and challenging process. Stand for truth.

  5. Interesting and fascinating the metapher with the caterpillar and the butterfly. There is a new human body replacing the old one. And we are no longer ment to live under the earth, or on the earth, but we are able to fly, with ease and grace and love in the blue sunny sky. Beautiful impression. And we are ment to experience this different growth stages. It is predetermined for us humans…? Hmmm, I guess this is a metapher of our state of consciousness. I like that. And I believe humans are ment to live heaven on earth. Looking forward.

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