What is your story? Live the story, share the story

What are the “perennial questions” – the fundamental questions that have shaped the human story?

• Since the dawn of human civilization, the human mind has been concerned with three questions:  How did we get here?  Why are we here?  And now that we are here, how do we make the best of it?  Whatever organization or entity that provides the “best” answers to these fundamental questions of life, shape the truths and character of that civilization.
• As answers to these questions change over time, so does civilization.
• Although the public is largely unaware of it, science has provided new, more sustainable insights that contradict the current answers to these questions.
• The current state of global crisis indicates we are operating under faulty assumptions based on obsolete answers to the perennial questions.

Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future (and a way to get there from here)


7 thoughts on “What is your story? Live the story, share the story

  1. Years back I wrote a book and sent it to a local publisher who said it was ahead if it’s time ….this book addresses this idea ….what we assume we are….we will see in perceptual reality. What programs we were given unless changed become our future. For years I hAve been teaching people to identify and then change these programs…. To see change one need be that change ….we need be it to see it! Love is My Constant ~ Sat Chit Ananda ofLove

  2. Bruce thank you for the clarity your brought into my life. My name is Meli Maheswari I live in Bali Indonesia where the spirituality, religion and life style are fully practiced and respected 🙂 Here i m a healer, a nutritionist, a yoga teacher and a woman 🙂 i opened in ubud a cold press juices and elixir bar, i also create wellness retreats seeing people from different background, i love my work 🙂
    My work as a healer is to deprogram and reprogram the subconscious mind, going back to the source when they created a believe or when they ve been programmed, that causing them having now an issue, disease, disorder….
    i always felt very different and tried to be integrated, i became who i am not to be loved and to please others but i hated myself as i couldnt recognise my true self, i was lying to me… All that brought me to read and understand the human needs (above the food but more as a primary food), relationships, works, money, power…. and asked myself do i really want that big collective dream be my reality or do i have another option or maybe more of them. I went to the dark to find the light and from the light went back to the dark to appreciate the light and from there i realised there s nothing separate light and dark are there all the time same time, it s all depend on me where i want to focus… to make it short you helped me a lot to understand myself and improve my work with my clients. To the questions

    how did we get here? my answer for me is i was always here in different shapes
    Why are we here? I m here to do my best everyday, grow, stop punishing myself to fit others laws and expectations, to be as bright as i can, to feel the love in every cells and unslaved myself from what have been decide for me… and RECONNECT with everything
    Again thank you very much, sorry for my poor english 🙂 send with love, happy to share that with you all.


  3. Unfortunately, too many people tell the same sad stories over and over and consequently perpetuate them. I am writing a book now about being in alignment with abundance, which has everything to do with the script we recite in our heads. Your work has inspired me, Bruce. Thank you.

  4. My brother died at 3 years old on an operating table in Los Angeles. I was 6 months. I woke up in Consciousness and can remember the experience of that. I know I was born to help heal, guide and direct others in their life. I have been a Medical Intuitive/ Vibrational Healer for 32 years, and a nurse before that. I am an author and in the midst of writing another book on the Splendor of Surrender.
    So the question at this time in history you ask is ” Where is the evidence that we will have a positive future?” I would say if each person learned that we made up our individual pasts by our responses( actions and reactions) to our parents, our environment, and our own thoughts, then we can change them now. I say it’s never too late and that opportunities are a constant.. not a good or bad. Also we adapt to change better when we feel empowered. Most important is that our future depends on us. Our hearts aligning to each other through acceptance, allowance, and recognizing we are a global Adolescence in these times in Humanity… we are growing. Evidence? Acceptance of gay marriage, legalizing marijuana, seeing cruelty of animals and not taking it anymore by signing petitions. The list goes on. Our hearts unite when we feel sadness’s from an actor dying to a disaster. Unity bonds in Spirit… and without Science, we haven’t got a prayer. Facts are essential. Connection is always the answer.

    Mona Delfino ~

  5. As a General Systems Scientist, the view point I trust the most to satisfactorily answer these issues lies in The Laws of Potential Cosmology.
    For instance, how did we get here? The concept is—we were always here, from “The Beginning.” (In a Spiritual Form)
    Next, why are we here?
    To fulfill the reality of Potential! The God Force is an Energy field made up of “Potential Units.” These “Units” have three components, they can Create, Organize and Function (Manifest). This gives us the Power, Control and Dynamism to achieve an infinite number of accomplishments. Development of Potential occurs in the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spirit realms.

    Does the above concept not coincide with your findings in your book Biology of Belief concerning the universe is composed of Energy, which “Vibrate” to Different frequencies? And that “The Universe is one indivisible, dynamic whole,” like a hologram? These principles and others you state in your book significantly coincide with the LAWS OF POTENTIAL.

    Finally, how do we make the Best of it?
    By Understanding the Nature of Potential! You see, a “Perfect World” is actually made up of imperfections. If each being in the world would undertake developing their fullest potential it would create a Model of Greatness, and achievement. In this model of Potential, hardship is a Path to Potential Development. Sort of like training for the Olympics—you can’t get there without enduring a difficult training regimen.
    Such is life; difficult, but when successfully overcoming challenges, it’s eminently rewarding!

    Dr. Robert Flower

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