Where is the evidence that we will have a positive future?

Humanity’s positive future is through a “Spontaneous Evolution“! Here is the evidence:

First, the repeating patterns of nature and evolution indicate that crisis ignites evolution, that change is imminent, and that the imminent evolutionary change will bring about greater awareness and greater connection.

Secondly, unlike prior evolutionary stages, we humans will be conscious participants.

Civilization is on the threshold of a profound evolutionary leap. Conventional belief holds evolution as a long and gradual process. However, new scientific insights reveal that evolution occurs in what amounts to quantum jumps. Just as health seems to be restored “miraculously” in an individual’s spontaneous remission, by changing our collective beliefs human society can undergo a similar healing.

Please share below the evidence you have found!


8 thoughts on “Where is the evidence that we will have a positive future?

  1. Yoga for instance is becoming very popular in the west. People are becoming more aware of what they watch,eat and say. Speaking words of hate no longer feels right. You could say everyone is feeling the feeling. It’s really a beautiful thing. I once hated my generation and this time of our species. Yet when I look now, it almost makes me cry . We are all beginning to feel and act like humans once again(:

  2. Humans interpret information according to our beliefs, many of them hidden in the subconscious, and our stage of development, which can dilute knowing, delay development, and minimize joy.

    Evidence of a positive future is in our willingness to experience the Power of freewill choice ‘intentionally’ [life happens BY me] rather than by default [life happens TO me]. In other words, replace the egoic need to see to believe with self empowerment as body-mind-spirit, empowered to make it so.

    I can write about, talk about, make videos about honey being sweet and lemons being sour however unless you ‘taste’ them, how can their difference ever become evident?

  3. My evidence is personal. As I learned about Quantum Physics and other scientific new discoverys, also Epigenetics. I discovered a new world view simultaniously with my ongoing search for finding my true purpose. I started to learn hands on healing and distant healing. I experience ever since a growing of my awareness of the energies in my body. It is truly amazing. I seem to be able to feel every cell in my body vibrating and I really enjoy it. It seems that I am able, to heal myself and others. Anyhow I do experience positiv results.

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