Why Is Quantum Biology Still Being Ignored By Conventional Medicine?

Newtonian principles gave way to discoveries of quantum physics more than a hundred years ago and yet biologists and medical students continue to be trained to view the body only as a physical machine that operates in a linear fashion.  Because of their Newtonian, materialistic bias, conventional researchers have completely ignored the role that energy plays in health and disease.

We have been programmed by pharmaceutical corporations to become a nation of prescription drug–popping junkies with tragic results. We need to step back and incorporate the discoveries of Quantum Physics into biomedicine so that we can create a new, safer system of medicine that is attuned to the laws of nature.

Based on the results of a ten-year survey of government statistics, iatrogenic illness i.e., illness resulting from medical treatment, is the leading cause of death in the United States and adverse reactions to prescription drugs are responsible for more than 300,000 deaths a year.

These are dismaying statistics, especially for a healing profession that has arrogantly dismissed three thousand years of effective Eastern medicine as unscientific, even though it is based on a deeper understanding of the universe.

For thousands of years, long before Western scientists discovered the laws of quantum physics, Asians have honored energy as the principal factor contributing to health and wellbeing.  In Eastern medicine, the body is defined by an elaborate array of energy pathways called meridians. In Chinese physiologic charts of the human body, these energy networks resemble electronic wiring diagrams.

Using aids like acupuncture needles, Chinese physicians test their patient’s energy circuits in exactly the same manner that electrical engineers “troubleshoot” a printed-circuit board, searching for electrical “pathologies.” Conventional biologists, on the other hand, believe that the biochemical reactions responsible for life are generated through Henry Ford–styled assembly lines: one chemical causes a reaction, followed by another reaction with a different chemical, etc.
In conventional medicine, if there is a problem in the system, evident as a disease or dysfunction, the source of the problem can be attributed to a malfunction in one of the steps along the chemical assembly line. By prescribing pharmaceutical drugs for example, the defective single point can theoretically be repaired and health restored. This assumption spurs the pharmaceutical industry’s search for magic-bullet drugs and designer genes.

We have a choice!

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53 thoughts on “Why Is Quantum Biology Still Being Ignored By Conventional Medicine?

  1. Bruce, I’m a physician in Brazil and quantum medication is available here and we are going to have in the next 2 days our simposium of quantum therapy – you can see in Google as CSTQ
    I can tell you that this is the future that it is possible to invite our cells to go again in a healthy way
    We give only information to cells
    There are no material medication only energy
    The future is going on now!!
    Thank you so much
    Tomorow is my lecture and I’m going to share your knowledge to everybody, there will be 500 people in the simposium all kind of health therapist
    With love and gratitude

  2. Bruce,
    The reason for this is primarily financial. When we examine the conclusions of the Flexner Report (commissioned by John D. Rockefeller) and the alliance Rockefeller made with the AMA (to promote almost exclusive use of petroleum-based prescription drugs in medical practice), the connection becomes abundantly clear. As the owner of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology, I fully understand the benefits of bioenergetic medicine. But the medical establishment cannot monetize a series of relatively inexpensive PEMF treatments as well as it can a lifetime course of drugs. Point being, they are interested in generating more customers, and the corresponding revenue stream, not cures. Until this changes, we will have to continually contend with the medical status quo, and all of its disadvantages.

    • I agree with Dr. McCarthy–with great sadness. Money and greed is the bottom line. In order to keep the money tree going to benefit Big Pharma, it keeps the illusion going of Newtonian-based biology, physiology and medical practices. USA and New Zealand are the only two countries that allow the advertising of pharmaceuticals in TV and other media. It continually feeds the message into the collective consciousness that drugs make people happy and sexy.
      My specialty is optimizing mental health and giving people access to the full range of effective resources for getting through mental health challenges. Increasing numbers of people are becoming aware of the fact that a diagnosis of mental imbalance is still being attributed to chemical imbalance(s) in the brain whereas conventional science has found no biomarkers for mental illnesses. Even the director of the national institutes of mental health, Tom Insel, MD, concurs: we haven’t found the origin of mental illness in the body!
      So, why continue to use psychiatric drugs as the best in care? Even today, I heard of a 19 year old kid who was ordered by the court to continue his psych meds or go to jail. The judicial system is tied into our obsolete system of mental healthcare. The media will not make it clear that psych meds are highly toxic in the long term for all and in the short term for most. Sure, they can be superb and compassionate for a short period of time…but they don’t “cure” and they don’t address the “origin” of the problem.
      One of the best avenues for diagnosis and treatment of mental disturbance can be found in energy medicine/ vibrational medicine. Ideal is a team approach that includes a psychotherapist and a medical intuitive who “reads” vibrations and can determine the origin of the mental disturbance. This can point the direction also to the best treatment modalities.

  3. I wonder if it isn’t simply due to fear. We know that we all resist change, this includes changing our perceptions. East and West are only now in history starting to even try to hold hands. Any change we’re asked to consider is threatening at an unconscious level-we ‘fight’ or ‘flee’ even the simplest of changes, under the most open circumstances and relationships. Once we’re trained to follow a particular line of thinking it’s difficult at an individual level to give that thinking up (in this case, conventional biology is god (westernized convention) and conventional medicine is worshiped as an idol in the profession itself). Those of us who’ve needed to colour outside of conventional lines share on mass how helpful alternative treatments can be. We accept healing, from wherever it comes. Such ideas as energy healing will infiltrate western medicine, once the holy empirical evidence supports such treatment. Infiltrate medical schools with clear, supportive evidence-then we’ll see the tide shift, I’m certain of this. Check out ‘Functional Medicine Models’.


  4. I absolutely believe and adore quantum biology and energy healing! Nothing has been as effective. I will further educate myself and continue to use these proven methods in my massage and wellness practice because nothing feels a good as healthy is!!! Dezi Golden, RMTI, CLC (Golden Dragon Wellness, Las Cruces, NM)

  5. This truth Will not be ignored coming years. Almost 150 years ago this truth of true healing has been realised by phinneas Parkhurst Quimby ( check ppquimby.com)
    Namaste my friends

  6. It is being ignored because it doesn’t fit the money making model and ignorant people think you are blaming the victim of illness saying their thoughts and energy can heal them because their thoughts and energy made them sick. They would rather absolve themselves of their illness and blame chance, genes or some other biological thing as though any of that actually has power over us?? Oh well just keep putting the message out there it is difficult to change one’s mind but not impossible.

  7. So true Dr. Lipton. Am threading on this line of thought on my research why we are helping people gain back state of wellbeing through mineral electricity – bioavailable ions. Mind blowing indeed! Thanks to you. You have been and will be my great guide!

  8. These things may be ignored by the clinical world, but they are not ignored by science generally. For example we now understand more about how individuals are capable of interpreting emotions through the briefest of touches, and how vital signs are positively impacted through both tactile and non-tactile content where loving-compassion is the focus. We have a recent meta-analysis demonstating intention in healing is a real phenomenon. Drug companies might be rubbish, but science isn’t at all.

  9. I would like to also add Ayurveda to this discussion and ask for thoughts regarding this ancient method of healing. I am an incredible enthusiast for “alternative” medicine.

  10. It can’t be denied that energy plays a role in how our bodies preform. 95% of all Dr visits are attributed to stress.
    It makes sense that attending to our energy, becoming aware of how we feel and carefully selecting the stress we subject ourselves to would lead to an increase of health in our physical bodies.

  11. I can only asume it is to keep the population living in fear. Knowledge that we can greatly affect our own health and wellbeing is very empowering! And many millions of revenue would be lost if prescription drugs were no longer needed for many ailments. Thank god for people like you Dr Lipton. Thank you for the work you do in the world.

  12. I think we are somwhat blissfully ignorant of how we deal with illness and are taught in Western society to follow along with the crowd….which means go to a Doctor and get a prescription when you aren’t well. I think perhaps it is a leftover instinct from primitive times to feel “safer” to stick with the crowd rather than go against what is more broadly accepted. I wish it was not this way but I feel as a species, we perhaps think and deal with too many things on a shallow level rather than fewer things more intimately. Thank goodness for people like you Dr Lipton!!!!!!

  13. Educating people about their physical body and how it works will bring great results. Asking people to take responsibility and care for themselves is another way of addressing this issue.

  14. I have been thinking about this for a little while now. If at our most fundamental level, we are made of energy, as quantum physics tells us, then why do we not address imbalance and disease from this energetic perspective? It almost seems archaic to address the body at the molecular level when we can go to the energetic source???

  15. If the quantic biology was taken into account, the BIG FARM wuould die and thousands of million dollars could not be got bu these companies. Moreover many of these companies create the desease and the drug fot the desease.Illnesses should not dissappear because the companies would lose money.

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  17. Working my self with the finest Quantum physics system and confronted with patients and being an Eden Energy Medicine CP, I can just tell you the very simple answer: The pharamaceutical industry is leading the Western Medical World by only a handfull people. This ‘medicine’ is a desease-management and the havic point is that the drugs are so geniously designed that it is very hard to come out of this desease-circle because they all trigger dependance and open up further health-problems by surpressing the immunity. Therefore most of them are very acidic… As long as the goverments are also in hands of these kind of people, we can only make people aware of the situations… If we spread the awareness about real healing with holisitic approach, we can start helping people with non lineair systems and healing methods for non linear human beings. Once nobody wants anymore the traditional medical ‘care’, the problem will solve itself….

  18. The reason why there are 300000 deaths caused by treatment is that there were 300000 seriously ill people who were in treatment and would otherwise have died. A better way to ask the question about drug treatment mortality, is how many life’s were saved or prolonged. Sometimes the choice is not whether you live or die but for how much longer you can be kept alive and pain free. Evidence suggests that chemical reactions in the body are indeed assembly lines of sort. The problem is not this view but the tendency of research to ignore the context or other pathways in the causation of illness or its treatment. In this field one has to be careful about seeing correlations between events and concluding that one causes the other. Correlation is not causation.

    • I agree that “Correlation is not causation.” However, although I do believe there is a time and a place for meds. Prescriptions are often given out like candy with little regard to the negative effects they may cause. I’m a school counselor and see large numbers of kids medicated on a daily basis. It’s frightening to think of the long term damage taking place.

      On another note, quite a few years ago, my husband received a call from the pharmacy saying his cholesterol meds were ready for pick up. He explained that he does not have high cholesterol. They said to call his doctor’s office. The MD told him that his lab results showed high levels of cholesterol and he should take the pills. My husband asked about changing his diet but was told that his high cholesterol is genetic and he needs to take the pills which required blood tests every 6 months to test for damage. He was clearly told that there were no other reasonable options. We changed doctors and he was given the same advice with the new physician. He took some type of cholesterol reducing meds for two years. He had to change the Rx due to stomach issues that the MD said were caused by the first Rx. The meds dropped his cholesterol by 30 points.

      We learned about the Biology of Belief and decided to take control of our health. We focus on changing our thoughts, use EFT daily, and have eliminated most meat, dairy, and sugar from our diets. We still eat some organic eggs and yogurt and use stevia as a sweetener. He has been completely off of all his meds (including anti-anxiety meds.) for quite a few years and his cholesterol dropped an additional 30 points from the lifestyle changes and energy work. (Yes, I’m assuming a causal relationship but it seems pretty evident in this case.) Using only nutrition and alternative health techniques, his cholesterol is now 60 points lower than it was when he was prescribed the meds. He is healthier now, at age 60, than he was 20 years ago.

      Should we always refuse meds? I don’t think so. Antibiotics saved his life this past summer when he had a major abscess develop in his neck. Yes, there is a time and a place, but that time does not come around very often if we listen to our body and nourish body, mind, and spirit.

  19. I have CFS/ME and the conventional medicine routes offer virtually nothing to treat this illness. After changing my diet and now having bioresonance therapy I am starting to see big improvements in my condition. It’s time the NHS in the UK looked at alternative therapies such as these. The UK are so far behind in their approach and thinking towards good health.

  20. I have CFS/ME and conventional medicine offers no treatment for this illness. After changing my diet and having bioresonance therapy I am now starting to see big improvements in my condition. It’s time the NHS in the UK opened their minds to these types of treatment. The UK lags so far behind it it’s thinking towards alternative therapies and good health.

  21. I think a change of paradigma is necessary in conventional medicine. But both people and medicine doctors find easier a drug prescription. Education is very important in order to achieve a mental change that mades possible a new paradigma. Thank’s for your work, Mr. Lipton.

  22. I wholeheartedly agree with this article Bruce and love your work. I’m 59 and don’t even have a doctor! I use Chinese herbal medicine, good food and all the other obvious ways to stay healthy. Furthermore, if I discovered I had cancer I would do everything I could to treat it through “alternative” medicine and, like most oncologists – avoid chemotherapy & radiotherapy like the proverbial plague! There’s SO much information out there on healthy/natural ways to remain healthy.

  23. Money, all is done in the name of money. Not for what is good for life , all life but to make more money. We are not just physical machines and thus should not be treated as such. We should open our minds and look into what makes sense and not just into money! Our bodies are way less complicated as the medical profession suggest. We are able to heal and overcome many illnesses with proper nutrition, exercise, a healthy state of mind and environment and the realignment of our bodies energies.

  24. My husband only has high blood pressure during the check-in process at his MD’s. After a minute of changing his thoughts & focusing on his smile, slow breathing, and Emotional Freedom Techniques pulsing on his hand (energy work), it is ALWAYS back to normal. He also used these techniques to go off of twice daily anxiety meds that he took for 10 years. EFT “tapping” eliminated my seasonal allergies. I haven’t needed my Rx NasacortAQ, or anything else, for 5 years. ~ I’m a school counselor and author. I regularly teach students and adults to “Power-Up” by changing their thoughts. I do a “Super Power Arm” test with them to prove that they become weak when they think of a sad memory and strong when they think of a happy one. I also teach them EFT. Changing our thoughts, breathing, smiling, and EFT are the best Rx for most of what ails us. They are Free, effective, can be done anywhere, and have No negative side effects.

  25. This is a real battle, and it’s hard to change the way Western medicine believes and thinks. Medicine has become a religion more than a scientific practice like it was intended to be. However, I do believe that we can open the eyes of many by giving them evidence that other “energy” modalities do work. This is one reason why I’m very excited that I will be running a clinical trial in the Loma Linda University Medical Center Emergency Room for testing the use of acupuncture for treating pain. I believe it has the potential to be a groundbreaking study that will open the doors to many other “alternative” treatments being brought in to Western medicine. I believe the best way we will get them to buy in and open up their minds is to show them that it works, and works better and safer than anything they have! 🙂

  26. There needs to be a shift to a quantum view of the body/mind. The meridians are only part of the picture, although an important one. An imbalance can be caused by emotions, by unhealthy matrixes, memories and so many other factors, and for instance the BodyTalk System which takes into account all these in the body and mind and has respect for the priorities of the body can be a great help in this shift of view of healthcare

  27. As a practitioner of Chinese Medicine I know the power of energy based medicine for healing. However I also have a son who’s life has been saved by Newtonian based medicine through a kidney transplant when his kidney was no longer able to function. My conclusion is that it is not an either/or. We need a clear understanding of the strengths and limitations of all types of healing and place them together to create a dynamic Holistic approach. We also underestimate the healing power of our own mind, empowerment, love and community. The Status Quo, powerful invested interested and seeing medicine/ healing as a money making business all impeed the wonderful discovers of the New Sciences based on Quantum Physics. Education is the key.

  28. Drugs do yield a quicker result even though it might not always target the root of the illness. Depends on the situation of the patient i would say. If he/she is dying of cancer, and he/she needs immediate control of cancer cells, then still drugs is the better way to go.

  29. The discussion is not about which Medicine is The best.The Point is that Energy is The Basis of all life on Earth.Look at The Atomic Structure only bound By Energy yet so stable it cannot Be destroyed.In The Body in every Cell we have Electric current.So The Chinese Knew it Long before we even had a Medical system.I combine microcurrent with Meridians and Traditional Medicine and it works like a miracle.So if you samt to Heal with Chi microcurrent is one way to do it!

  30. They would have to re-write ALL the physiology books – it’s a big call. Same goes for Gerald Pollack’s 4th Phase of Water – real cell biology is a physics process far more than a chemical one, and implies lots of “interesting” processes with interesting implications. A very good recent book on Quantum biology by Jim al Khalili is also “funny” because he regularly steps back from the science to make off the cuff unscientific remarks like “but all that alternative medicine stuff is still wacko and unscientific”.

  31. According to the Laws of Potential, there are 4 factors which restrict human actions, namely fear, ego, ignorance and self-deception. Scientists perhaps more so than most have closed belief systems. Therefore they are not open to new or varying theories. This then allows existing concepts to dominate over new theories, even facts. Accordingly we have all four of the Great Restrictors at work; fear-of change; ignorance-of potential; ego- of losing power; deception- of exclusion.

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