How do we transform the current state of the planet?

Last week we address that our planet is facing what scientists are calling the Sixth Great Mass Extinction (click here).  The previous five were apparently caused by objects from outer space, such as comets or asteroids, hitting the Earth. This time, the cause comes from “inner space,” our own invisible beliefs that have spun us outside the web of life.  Beginning with monotheistic religion telling us that we humans are superior and apart from other creatures on the planet, exacerbated by scientific materialism insisting human technology has the power to “conquer” nature, we have focused so heavily on our fitness as individuals, we have failed to recognize that our fitness as a species is up for examination.

However, the most transformational tool in our human toolkit, and the one we’ve largely ignored for the past two millennia, is love.  This love we are talking about is not some mushy-gushy sentiment, but the glue that holds our world together.  According to Dr. Leonard Laskow, a surgeon who discovered his own innate ability to heal with love and wrote a book with the same name, “Love is a universal pattern of resonant energy.”  In this sense, two or more tuning forks vibrating together are in love with each other, just as two or more humans can resonate in a palpable field of connectedness, joy, and even ecstasy.  Love, he said, “is the universal harmonic.”


6 thoughts on “How do we transform the current state of the planet?

  1. chant chant chant intend intend intend heal heal heal ………………………HARE KRSNA……………………OM NAMOH BHAGAVATE VASUDEVAYA ………………………

  2. Holding, sustaining the resonance of love can be quite a challenge, but it really is the most effective way to bring about positive change, both in oneself and in the world that we live in. ❤

  3. The Human Dilemma

    As you mentioned, love is the “superglue” and most powerful healer in the universe. I dedicated the last 4 years to an intense inner search to find the answer on how to find, connect and stay in conscious and controllable contact with my own unconditional love within. First we have to understand that love is experienced as a sensation inside our bodies. Love is nothing logic, nor can it be perceived with intellectual understanding. It has to be felt, and this confronts us with what I consider the greatest problem in most of humanity: We have become insensitive to feeling! Why? Well, feelings are processed by the right hemisphere of the brain – our cognitive mind, and due to all the emotional pain caused by unloving upbringing in childhood, almost exclusive focus on the outside world, and an increasing stress in daily living, our right hemisphere will at least partially shut down its willingness and ability to process feelings and is handing over control to the left brain hemisphere which manages our life through conclusions and decisions based on the experience and believes of our Ego (protector of our safety-zone) and sub-conscious (memory of acquired intellectual knowledge). A left hemisphere dominant mind will develop eventually a mostly unloving, logical, analytical, competitive, rational and insensitive behavior in the human being. The finer feelings of love, truth and compassion as well as our connection to universal consciousness that is received through the abdominal brain – our solar plexus and power place – are neglected and/or suppressed, because its main processing unit – the right hemisphere of our brain – has gone dormant. Humanity at it´s current state of “evolution” is now completely out of balance. And as we know; Our condition within is inevitably reflected without. Our society has turned into a rotten mess, and to the degree that our unhappiness, aggression and discontent is growing, the law of attraction – I am very much afraid- will trigger the events that will wipe out most of humanity.
    So the answer to your question on how to transform the current state of the planet is:
    Reactivating the right hemisphere by healing all emotional damage in every individual to be able to restore the balance of our mind and subsequently re-connect to our unconditional peace, joy, truth and love within.

    What is within will be without.

    The only remaining hope I have is that science will be faster than human ignorance and stupidity.

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