Are we beyond Darwin’s theory?

The evolution of human civilization is expressed in our amazing science and arts. In order to evolve, we make judgements and then try them out.  Each advance in thinking is better than the previous version. Also, each advance in thinking is usually a stepping stone for the next advance.  Darwin’s philosophy drove science for a number of years, but now we have out grown Darwin’s more primitive beliefs and are ready to advance to a more accurate and sustainable science of evolution.

While Darwin was not correct in his theory, the ideas were necessary so science could get to today’s more accurate truths. However, keeping Darwinian theory as our fundamental belief is now toxic and killing our world. Especially since Darwin’s theory emphasizes that we got here by chance and have no purpose on this planet. We actually got here by Nature’s intention and our role was to help maintain harmony and balance in Nature. Therefore our lack of understanding has led us to destroy the environment and in the process bring on our own extinction.

Also, Darwin’s theory emphasizes that “Life is a struggle for survival based upon competition” and that competition among humans is responsible for the violence in civilization and the undermining of the ecosystem. We now know that evolution is based upon cooperation, so we must fundamentally change our most cherished beliefs.


5 thoughts on “Are we beyond Darwin’s theory?

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  2. Darwin’s theories were always primitive and worthless. It is time to dump them in the trash where they always belonged. He did not advance science, but held it back with his useless theories.

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