Do you have July 4th plans?

Have a wonderful weekend filled with love and laughter…remember to splash around a bit!


2 thoughts on “Do you have July 4th plans?

  1. London, Ohio was favored with a perfect day (after many days of rain) for the Fourth of July parade. It was fun riding on the artists’ group float through town, tossing candy to the kids.
    Small towns rock!

  2. Hey Bruce Was it you who recommended Brian Peskin? I watched his video and even purchased his PEOs. Have not yet finished first bottle, but I suppose they are harmless. After investigating his credibility I received this email from Hibbeln, Joe (NIH/NIAAA) [E] who directed me to Quackwatch where I found the dirt on Mr. Peskin….

    You might want to retract – if you did recommend him to your readers.

    My apologies if you are not the one who made the recommendation.


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