What would you like to share with us today?

Below are short statements worth sharing.

What is happening in the world today is similar to what’s happening to the body of a person who has an auto-immune disease.  Because we are not in harmony with the environment, we’re destroying the environment that supports us.

So how do we become harmonious with the environment? Perhaps a shift of belief….

The significance of this shift in belief is vast in that the original view led to the notion that we are victims of our biology. Whereas the ‘new’ sciences show that we are actually masters of our biology.  Remember the ‘central dogma’?

In the dogma’s scheme of how life unfolds, DNA perched loftily on top, followed by RNA – the short lived ‘Xerox’ copy of the DNA. The new understanding of how genes work is that this hypothesis is incorrect because genes are actually blueprints that are read.

You may be asking, read by whom?

Exactly. That was the question. Suddenly the emphasis shifted and the issue became, who the heck is reading them? It transpires that the reader is the mind. So the mind becomes the all-powerful contractor of the body. The mind tells the cells what it anticipates and the cells go into the blueprint – the DNA – and create what the mind is anticipating.




17 thoughts on “What would you like to share with us today?

  1. I would like to remind everyone to pay closer attention to the words they speak and notice if they truly convey the desired meaning. It is so easy to adopt language that keeps us stuck. Switching your words will allow new possibilities to come your way and can improve your mood at the same time. Release habitual language such as I should, I am so tired, I can’t afford etc. from your vocabulary. Replace them with things like I could, I choose to buy it later or get something else etc.and see how much better you feel!

  2. Thanks Dr.Lipton for your Great book it has changed my life concept and gave me the power to change everything Thanks

  3. So if our mind is reading the DNA it stands to reason anytime we have an undesired result in our body ranging from illness to injury we simply minddully think ” cells you are now being changed into your optimal and highest and best use state and you are filled with light and LOVE. So that you regain your state of well being. Even allergies which were once thought of not having a means of being cured can be cured sonce this all a chemical reaction of the body which obviously can be calibrated ☺. And we have to believe and know we can do it!

  4. I’m so grateful for positive people who strive to make the world a better place & honor & respect all living things.

  5. Divine Guidance offered your book The Biology of Belief to me at the time I was first introduced to Theta Healing at the beginning of this year. While I learn to tune in and listen, I notice everything is unfolding as intended and I thank you for the endless newfound inspiration your work has provided me. Namaste 🙏

  6. With every heart beat ,affecting every cell in the body,…..Its about changing the program to change the outcome!

  7. Thoughts in and of themselves have no power. The thinker of them adds power or all peeps would feel the same about all things they have thoughts about, and this does not happen. Thought is not thinking. Thinking is a thought concentrated or concentrated upon. This is power. Peeps who watch a lot of mainstream television are not really helping themselves or the wider family of humanity. This is shy it is used to manipulate the masses, ss it gets peeps “THINKING” about all the problems and how powerless they are to do anything, without the government or some other large group which is usually a money centered corporation. Peace be yours.

  8. Our cells are always responding to our feelings! If we can not love ourselves how can our cells be healthy or regenerate , our cells need to feel loved and validated as worthy of doing their job and performing at their optimal level . If our cells are in conflict how can we mirror a life of peace and wellbeing! Let’s seriously start to give our feelings credibility and use those to transform our beliefs by using them as an indication as to what our bodies believe and express ! Let’s step into our power as the Creators ! Namaste .💝

  9. Thank you Bruce, great job. Your way to explain is so easy and simple that I understand even is my English is not so well. You are an inspiration.
    You are an important piece of puzzle that is composing in my life for a new understanding of the world.
    P.S.: I send you a personal message. Please read it.
    Thank you.

  10. It is recommended that Psych-K is one of the resources that will facilitate the healing of those “impossible to reach” issues. So, if the mind is master over the body, then why can’t the mind reach deep into the unconscious and heal the issues that drive us into unhealthy behaviour?

  11. You are right that people imagine they are ‘victims’. It goes a bit farther than that, because they ‘believe’ they are victims. Science can say all it wants to about that not being true and that people are really the masters, but until each individual learns how, and succeeds in changing his/her ‘belief system’, they will continue to be the victims. Science cannot say anything to effect the change. The individual must believe that he/she can do it. The change comes from ‘within’, not from anyone or anything ‘outside’. So now the challenge is how to help people so they can change their belief system.Rowena

  12. Just love this cutting edge wisdom you share Bruce and the feedback of others. Belief is indeed key followed by the question ‘what can I do to the help the healing and transformation of… myself … others….. our planet? What action steps can I take to take better care of my body, to love and nurture and respect myself, others, family, neighbour’s, community, our earth ? What’s one thing I can create a today to bring some love, peace, joy, and other positive elements into my world, into our world? Taming my own ego and gaining self control is my biggest life challenge . I do believe that I need to participate in the change that I desire to see in the world in whatever small way that I can.

    PS So grateful to have incarnated with all of you.
    Thank-you Bruce, for maintaining such

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