Have we adapted to the new norms?

In New York on November 2013, Gregg Braden and I had a meeting with the United Nations Planning Committee. We spoke of the future changes. How do we form new programs and new behaviors..?

Lay off the concept that we’re going back to the old days. Let’s start to emphasize the nature and need for us to become an adaptable species (which we already are)! Put into service and into action.

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3 thoughts on “Have we adapted to the new norms?

  1. I totally align with you Bruce you are so right, thats why I coach because I can help people understand and learn to adapt to these new ways without resistance and struggle and fighting.. we are in search of acceptance for what is no rights no wrongs just allowing things to be and as long as we lead with unconditional love we can’t go wrong.

  2. What “future changes”? “New programs” involving what? Many of the problems today are the result of the people no longer accepting responsibility for anything, and depending on the government to solve everything. People have forgotten how to think for themselves. Our educational system (that word is an oxymoron) should never be in the hands of the government which has turned it into a pathetic excuse for ‘learning’. It started going downhill years ago wit “Dick, Jane and ‘Spot'”, and it keeps getting worse. We can no longer depend on help from the parents, because they have no background to rely upon, and never learned how to think. Of course there are some ‘exceptions’, but not enough to ‘cure our nation’. There is so much ‘corruption’ in our world today, it’s hard to say where to start. Education, medicine, insurance, and what is touted as a legal system’, are all reducing us to a level of enslavement. Those of us who have learned how to think, and reason, are quickly ‘shushed’. Need I go on? Or, will this short message be ‘trashed’ along with good ideas and suggestions of many others before me? Roe

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