What are your instincts?

We are born with a genetically preprogrammed set of life-sustaining perceptions called instincts. Instincts represent perceptions provided by nature. From mid- gestation onward, our brains are wired for learning, creating new perceptions from environmental experiences. These ‘learned’ perceptions are collectively ascribed to nurture.

As you are undoubtedly aware, not all learned perceptions are necessarily accurate. Many perceptions we hold about the world are incorrect. Consider for example, the perception that genes ‘control’ biology. That is in fact, a misperception. Learned perceptions may be correct or incorrect. Consequently, we may accurately refer to acquired ‘perceptions’ as beliefs, with the assumption that they represent “truths.” Since ‘perceptions’ control behavior and gene activity, then it is logical to conclude that in humans, beliefs control biology.


5 thoughts on “What are your instincts?

  1. Humans have NO instincts by default (by birth) !!!

    Dr. Bruce you are my mentor and I have learned a lot from you. I have a different perspective about human instincts.
    There’s a difference between human and animal instincts… I’ll try to put it in simple words…

    When we talk about animal’s instinct, in Urdu we say it’s their (Jibillat) which mean, they had a default program by birth and is non-erasable, animals are force or bound to follow that default code or program… and following that path or code is their fitrat. The entire universe is following their default code and no one has the right or ability to differ from that path. The whole universe is following its fitrat…

    Humans have NO instincts by default and that’s why human being has no fitrat…

    We human don’t have a default code or program in our sub-conscious mind by birth…. which means that our sub-conscious mind is blank and usable (just like a brand new hard disk etc)… now its up to that person to fill the code by their own choice and follow it… So, the question arise, how do we add that code or program or what resources do we have, if that’s not defaulted by birth. We human use our senses and then it goes to the conscious and sub-conscious mind… We have been given the choice and freedom to pick the right code or program for our lives. Whatever we have experience or learned through our senses at any age in our lives and if that information is in sub-conscious mind that will play a pivotal role in the development of our lives…

    The basic difference between human being and the rest of the creation is that the universe is forced and bound to follow the laws of Nature, while the human beings are not. He is free to choose, either to live by these or any others laws. Man is free to choose the laws he wishes to live by… But he must bear the consequences of his choice. For instance, one is free to consume poison as well as sugar, but the natural effect of one cannot be replaced by that of the other. That is beyond human being…

    Everything in the universe, with the exception of human being, must and does obey the laws of Nature. Human being has been created with the potentiality of discovering the laws of Nature, which enables them to harness the natural forces… Thus, the whole universe is bound but human beings are not.

    Dr. Bruce, please feed back with your valuable comments…

  2. If we believe in what we see, therefore it becomes our biological reality. The fact that our society is so ill is no question anymore. We should start focusing our attention in love and compassion in order to start healing ourselves inside out.

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