June Membership Call


Dear Friends and Cultural Creatives,

If you like Q&A type sessions, why not come and join me on our monthly membership call 🙂

Join me as we explore some exciting news from scientific community and lively discussion based on current topics. Also, the call is an opportunity to answer questions about the new biology that you and other Members are currently pondering.

Please email questions and/or suggested topics of discussions to: questions@brucelipton.com
You can also email questions live during the call when you use the internet to access the call.

So mark your calendar:  Saturday, JUNE 13th
9:00 am Pacific | 10:00 am Mountain |11:00 am Central | 12:00 pm Eastern

If you haven’t joined a call live, be sure to listen to the replay in the library. We’ve started listing topics and questions to help serve you. Go to your Member Call Page at the website and listen to past calls.

Hoping to hear you there!

With Love and Light


5 thoughts on “June Membership Call

  1. I have listened to your talks, and every time I hear your words, it makes a question in my mind. I hope you can help me with an answer. I live in Germany for three years now. My hearing is superb, I think due in part to loosing my sense of smell when I was twelve. My father had my nose cauterized due to bloody noses. Anyway, I got an apartment in a big town, in Fürth, Germany on the edge of Nürnberg. Every morning shortly after 7:30am till just before 8am, I hear high pitched signals that last about 5seconds then last longer and have shorter intervals until 8am is reached. Then they suddenly stop. They start again before the prescribed”kids go to bed @8pm” rule. I also get woken up in the night to these signals and they also run constantly but not in a prescribed time. Some people can’t hear them, most can, and still others are so trained to hear these signals that they just don’t. I believe they are signals telling people what to do. Keeping them off the streets and adhering to rules. They drive me Nuts. The signals and the programed people. Anyway when I hear you talk about environment and signals and how we are a product of the environment it puts a question in my mind about subconscious signal programs telling people what to do. Also with flouride and other chemicals in the food, perhaps we can become more “robots” without a mind of our own. Is this plausible? I feel like im bwjng programmed with irrational fear, that my belief system doesn’t agree with. As soon as I leave the house with the signals and get our of the town, it disappears,however that being said, I hear pulsing signals all over Germany. In small towns,big ones too. I thought it was just by light posts, but im not sure anymore. There’s also a water treatment plant not far from my house. My uncle said I could use spectrum lab to record the pulses and we can translate them. So I will keep u updated. I recorded some. I will send u my findings. Sincerely, Traci

    • Occasionally I will hear radio broadcasts when lying on my side. These were identified, many years ago, by my Naturopathic Physician as the result of mercury used in the fillings of my teeth. Now I am more aware of my heartbeat and other internal sounds.

  2. Really looking forward to the call,

    Blessings, Isabelle


    Isabelle Sennery http://www.isabellesennery.com

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  3. My children hear the signals, and I brought it to the Attention of other mothers on the playground. Shortly after the signals come, all the children and the parents flee into bed, and the playground is empty… (I used to stay out later than 8pm, and didnt understand German) I just wonder if they are broadcasting These signals in specific languages, like German, Turkish, Russian and English… which could be the reason that the signals last from about 7:30-8pm.. Like I said, its really disturbing that I get woken up in the night to these signals.. Night Programming, while we sleep.. really?!
    Ist real interesting if you ask me!

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