How do we more effectively control our lives and health?

Yes we all know about the placebo effect; though let’s have a quick refresher.  The placebo is based on the fact that the mind, especially the subconscious mind buys into the belief that the drug for therapy will work. The problem is indeed, the conscious mind-your wishes and desires have great desire to heal itself-Conscious mind only works not more that 5% of the time. Ninety-five percent of our biology and behavior is controlled by our subconscious programming. Specifically the problem is that almost all of us have had our subconscious programmed with the belief that our health is controlled by the medical doctor. Therefore we buy the diagnosis and the treatment as the only reality. When we are involved in the medical profession, their statements become your truth and the subconscious job is to manifest that belief.

The problem we face is that your conscious mind’s intention to heal will be overridden by the subconscious program of the acceptance of the diagnosis and treatment. Therefore to fully affect a change in our life it is necessary to identify if your subconscious programs are interfering with your conscious desires to heal. To take more effective control of your life and health it is required that your limiting subconscious programs be identified and rewritten.

Click here for the list of belief change and energy psychology modalities


One thought on “How do we more effectively control our lives and health?

  1. Oh, yes! Fortunately more and more people are beginning to ‘wake up’ and listen. I was unable to bring up the “list of belief change and energy psychology modalities”, but I’m not worried for my sake. I just hope that people who need it don’t get discouraged and give up on your articles. As an RN, Medical Massage Therapist and Physical Therapy Assistant, I’ve had many interesting experiences in schools and practice. The first was in nursing school (age 18 years, year 1946) when I was sure I had failed the course in ‘Communicable Diseases’, because I just could not understand, or accept, the value of immunization. I passed, but only because I learned to agree on paper, when necessary, even though I could not accept what was fed to us. I am still studying, and learning at 87 years young, and look forward to more of your articles. You might find my blog on WordPress interesting. Sincerely, Rowena Nichols

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