What is your premier elixir of life?

Almost everyone can remember a time when they were ‘head- over-heels in love’. During this juicy time of life our perception of the world expands and our eyes twinkle with delight. Our affection isn’t limited to our selected partner; rather we are in love with life itself and it shows. We take risks to experiment with new foods, activities and clothes. We listen more, share more and take more time for pleasure. What seems hostile the day before becomes heaven on earth when we’re in love. We don’t even notice the aggressive drivers that irritated the heck out of us yesterday; today, we’re lost in daydreams and love songs

The “Honeymoon Effect” experience is Nature’s premier elixir of life. Through the action of the nervous system, love is translated into physiology, releasing vibrations and chemistry that heal and regenerate the body. The joy and excitement that comes with finally finding the person you believe is the love of your life fundamentally is not the result of chance or coincidence. Insights from frontier science now reveal not only why and how we create the honeymoon experience, more importantly, they also provide a fundamental understanding as to why the honeymoon experience disappears. Knowing how we created the honeymoon effect and the reasons why we lose it, offers an opportunity to create the Heaven on Earth experience every day of life, ensuring a happily-ever-after relationship even a Hollywood producer would love.

The honeymoon effect represents the successful fulfillment of a primal biological imperative. Biological imperatives are the behaviors of living organisms that assure their personal as well as their species survival. Examples of biological imperatives include the quest to secure water, food, safety, and mates. Imperative behaviors are unconsciously driven by cues provided by the body’s physiology. When observed on the conscious level, imperative behaviors are personally experienced as the urges or “desires” that shape our actions.

More on this topic tomorrow! Below is just an FYI along with other honeymoon effect links 😉

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