How do you store your experiences?

“Many indigenous healers say that negative experiences are not just stored in the brain, but that they are stored in every cell in our body and that negative experiences can be passed on through the generations.” – Evelyn Einhaeuser

This is supported by epigenetics. For example there is a research done with a mouse. And the mouse got to smell cherry blossoms. It is a sweet smell, but once they put the smell in, they shocked the mouse. So every time it would smell this sweet smell, it would get a shock. At some point the mouse got afraid, it knew that as soon as the smell came the shock would be coming. They mated the mouse and the offspring of that mouse, even if that mouse had never smelled cherry blossom, had a fear response to it.

So that was passed on to the next generation. But what I really want to stress is that it might be programmed in there, but it’s not a permanent thing at all because epigenetics changes with the environment and with the perception.

If people say “oh it is programmed in my genes and I have no control over it because I got that program and I am a victim”, I have to say, “I don’t care what you got, you can change everything because that’s what epigenetics is all about”.

You don’t have to stick with the old program, you change your life and you can change your genes. As I said, even in eight hours of meditation your genes change. So if you start letting people know they can change their genes and that they can be powerful, then there’s an opportunity to make health on the planet.

If you tell them they are victims and have actually no power, then you take away the health of the planet because somebody is going to make a lot of money out of keeping people victims. Pharmaceutical companies get in the way of healthy nutrition and of anything where people can empower themselves. And they keep the public away from becoming self-empowered, because as long as the public feels like victims, they are going to be customers. But if the public knows they can change their beliefs and their patterns and their genes, there is no more money for the pharmaceutical companies.


13 thoughts on “How do you store your experiences?

  1. ABSOLUTELY!!! Honestly Bruce, I am so proud of you, your truths, your wisdom and your courage to call a spade a spade!! For anyone who has also read my book, “The Sacred Language of the Human Body”, I couldn’t agree more with you!! Mona Delfino~

  2. I keep all my experiences in my Soul’s Resume and can tap into them anytime to help others ~ loving all my past experiences and keep them for referencing. Fun times were had by all along the highway of life.

  3. Thank you Bruce
    I love your work. I come from a psycological background and you have filled in the biological questions in a scientifically substantiated, yet most surreal way. Awesome! Thank you!

  4. I love your work and absolutely believe that we can change our genes, that we can heal ourself and help others heal themselves through energy healing. It is all there in us already. The big change in beliefs came to me during a 2 mths stay in India. I experienced the power of chi for the first time when I got litterally lifted off the floor and pushed backwards over at least 15 feet not knowing what energy was in the first place, and that happened during a yoga/qigong/tai chi class. Ever since, I have the ability to see the bone structure through the body just like I would in an xray. I do not know how I can do that but I can and have helped many people get rid of pain. I am not advertising here, I am simply bringing forth my own experience as many others who have awaken to that other ethereal part of themselves. We are more than just a body, we are a living energy beings if there is such a word in english and we have the possibility to awaken all and do good on this earth wherever we see pain and suffering. ❤️

  5. Exactly!!! Well put! We are much more powerful than we know, and I love helping people clear old beliefs and empower them to take true health into their own hands like I did for myself and continue to do. Kudos 🙂

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