Is there a way to change subconscious patterns?

Yes, you can reprogram the subconscious mind. All of us got programmed when we were very young. And the programs even started before we were born. We were programmed already in the uterus. So the program occurred before you were born and therefore you can’t tell me what all the programs are that you have. You weren’t even conscious at that point.

So then I say how will I know what the programs are? You don’t need to go to a psychiatrist to figure it out. The reason why it’s simple, is that 95 percent of your life comes from the subconscious program. So by definition your life is a printout of your subconscious programs.

So the things that you like and that come easily to you in your life are there because you have a program that allows them to be there. In contrast anything that you have to work hard at, put a lot of effort into or anything you have to struggle for to make it happen, is a result of your programs not supporting that.

So if you’re trying to find a relationship, or you can never get into a relationship and you’re thinking it’s not in my fate to be in a relationship, then this is not true. It is because whatever programs your mother and father and family had about relationships is not supportive.

And the second reason is that you play these programs 95 percent of the time and you don’t see them,  so that means at least 95 percent of the time you were sabotaging yourself and you don’t see it. And therefore you never understood why your relationships were not working.

So if people want to know what their programs are, I say what in your life comes easily to you is there because you have programs to support that. Anything that you struggle to get to, that is because you have programs that don’t support that.

And that’s how you know what programs you want to change. So you ask where are the troubles in my life? If they exist in relationship for example you know you have to change your beliefs about relationship. And then you can work on yourself. So first it is about recognizing that the patterns come from programming. And that you can change them.

Now, there is always that belief that you can talk to your subconscious mind. And people try that and then they find themselves playing their programs again. And they get mad at themselves. And they get frustrated, because they think ‘I keep talking to myself and it is not changing’.

You have to remember you are like an entity in the conscious mind. But the subconscious mind is just like a machine, it records, pushes a button, plays back. So if you are trying to talk to the subconscious as if there was somebody in there, it’s frustrating because there is nobody in there to listen.

That’s not how the subconscious changes and that’s why most people have a lot of problems and get mad at themselves when it doesn’t change. Well, that is simply not how it learns.

So the two minds learn differently. The conscious mind is called creative and can learn by reading a self-help book or going to a lecture, watching a video, or reading an article. It is creative, it goes, “ah, I have an idea, now I change my mind.”

The subconscious mind is a habit mind. And the most important thing about a habit mind is that you don’t want it to change very quickly, because otherwise habits fall apart. So it is resistant to change. That is the first thing we have to realize. It is not as easy to change like the creative mind. So how do I change my subconscious mind? How does it learn? Number one: The first seven years the mind is operating in a low vibrational frequency like hypnosis. So that is one way of changing the program. Number two: After you are seven you form habits by repeating something over and over and over again. Practicing, repeating, practicing.

An example: If you read a self-help book the conscious mind understood it, but the subconscious mind learned nothing from it, because you only read it once and this is not how it learns. If you repeat the message of the book over and over and over again and behave that way, then the subconscious mind will learn a new behaviour.

So it is about habituation, where you make a practice out of something, every day repeat it over and over again. So these are the two main ways, hypnosis, and habituation.

Then there is a third way now which is new and which is called energy psychology. And it activates the brain to be in a state of superlearning. If you engage superlearning, you can rewrite subconscious programs in about 10 minutes. Something you have had your whole life can be rewritten in 10 minutes! Now there are a bunch of different techniques, but they function all in about the same manner. It pushes the record button of the subconscious mind so you can download new data very, very fast. On my website under resources, there is a list of about 20 different energy psychology processes all of which are effective and can help rewrite subconscious beliefs in a short period of time.


4 thoughts on “Is there a way to change subconscious patterns?

  1. I have a key question: and if we don’t want to change anything in our subconscious?..I am very pleased with who I am.. the 7 years in my life, the first 7 years in my life were. terrible.. I passed through hell , may be my memory is so good that it is a movie,. in my mind, that I can write… as the passed can’t be changed..what happened before.. you can’t change.. it is speak about!… the crystal clear… I believe in Destiny.. everyone has one… that can’t be changed… if the future is imprinted in our we can know it.. in order to change it??it is abstract.. maybe by Hypnosis.. but I have read a book.. and hypnosis brought back the past.. not what will be in the future?… I am sorry but I don’t believe in what you are saying.. The Humanity does not know what the future brings… ex. everybody thought..the year of 2000 is going to be the last year we Humanity survived… didn’t prove right!… The idea that we can change our Destiny.. is not true.. because we don’t know our Destiny, our end..
    I believe that the whole Universe.. is a field of energy..magneto electric… and all is vibrates up and down.. . this energies never die.. they are transforming and eventually conserving… like Einstein said… all depends of our thoughts: positive or negative.. so we act.. in confirmed with this… we can’t command our Destiny.. it is The Creative Force, that made us…. we are part of the Universe… we can’t change our Destiny..our fate.. it is impossible: we can change our attitude.. in better.. we can go inside ourselves and see who we are… but we can’t change.. what’s Programmed about us… It is hard to find out Who You Are?, but to change that.. it is impossible… It is planned from before we are born!

  2. i had the pleasure of attending a talk by Bruce in Melbourne Australia last year. The ah ha moments were plentiful. His body of work really elegantly explains so many things that we previously didn’t know about our selves and why we are the way we are.

  3. You’ve missed the most powerful way I have changed my subconscious, doing trauma/emotional release work…like shadow work, Heart of Now, Shalom Mountaims emotional process work, Reevaluation or Peer counseling and other similar work.

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