Is working on our subconscious the only way to change?

No. You can also use mindfulness. Now mindfulness means what? Don’t let your mind think so much, because if it is not thinking, you keep it in the present moment.

But the moment you start thinking you take your mind out of the present moment and then you start playing the program.

Science has revealed that when we fall in love it is one time where we become mindful without even knowing. So when you first fall in love you don’t play those bad programs from the subconscious, because you are present. And also both partners are operating from the conscious mind, fulfilling their wishes, so they are in a state of honeymoon, and they are happy. That’s why the moment you fall in love you don’t remember how bad your life was, it turns into heaven on earth. And you say: “I don’t know how that happened.” Because it is the one time in your life you stopped playing these programs.

And psychologists say that 70 percent or more of these subconscious programs are disempowering, limiting and self-sabotaging. So the moment you stop playing those programs, life gets better. That’s why the honeymoon is so beautiful, because it is the one time where you stay mindful and you don’t get to play your own programs. But the honeymoon ends when the mind gets busy and the individuals in that relationship start thinking. And those negative programs that show up later take away the juiciness and the love and the heaven on earth, because 70 percent of those programs are negative.

Tomorrow’s topic – Ways to Change the Subconscious!


10 thoughts on “Is working on our subconscious the only way to change?

    • It really is!
      Since I came from science to find back to consciousness (the book “Biology of Believes” which I was reading like a criminal story and once again after I had finished it) I recognized, that I had always been searching for the connections between science and consciousness – and having found it at soooooo many places before and after and still . . . I thank Bruce with all of my heart for spreading and sharing his knowledges.

  1. I fell in Love with this Planet, with Nature . . . and whenever I become sad, because I see and hear, how People (Earthlings like me) treat this Paradise . . . I go out to dive into Nature and to feel my connection to Nature, admire and love this Planet, thank Mother Nature and Father God . . . and . . . Mother Nature dries my tears, Father God lets me feel his Love . . .

    I stay for a while, recognizing there is nothing I need . . . no food, no music, no words, no shelter, no promise, no thing . . . . nothing

    My batteries are charged again. I am happy to be alive, to be the universe observing and experiencing itself, herself, himself 🙂

    So I thank Mother Nature and Father God with all of my heart – – – and enjoy another Honeymoon!!!

  2. I am completely gobsmacked as I get to the bottom of this post with open heart and open mind to be greeted by an advertisement for Vanish 30 second stain removal. I object to adverts being on these sort (in fact any sort) of pages but especially ones which are aimed at changing our consciousness! Surely some clever alternative geek could come up with a blog site without f****ing adverts

    • Just treat it like most things that appear in your life you’re not happy about, interested in, or wish wasn’t there…shift
      your focus elsewhere (or whatever technique you use). Doubt you will ever find peace an tranquility on the internet – best take a walk in nature instead. 🙂

  3. Hi Bruce … I had the wonderful privalege of seeing you in London and I’m so heartened that you and your work and your witness is out there shifting global consciousness. Have you come across the equally ground breaking work on traumatisation by neuroscientist Ron Ruden on Havening ? I’m training as a practitioner at the moment with jaw dropping results

  4. I love this perspective on the honeymoon effect! It’s so true that when you get back to “real life” the same old programs pop back up. Loved the statistic on 70 percent or more of subconscious programs being disempowering, limiting, and self-sabotaging. I’m actually kind of surprised that it isn’t more than 70%!

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