What does your perception depend on?

We have all been there – one situation and two people interpreting them completely different.

No two people see the world in the same way. I give you a simple example. I am a kid and in the house next to me lives a kid with the same age. Now I go outside with my mother and there is a snake in the yard. And she’s terrified of snakes. She is scared and she screams. And I as a child know that my mother screaming means that whatever she just saw is not good. So what did I learn from my mother? That a snake is dangerous.

And then the snake goes from my yard into the yard of my neighbor. But the mother of my neighbor is a zoologist or biologist and she sees the snake and she says “oh what a wonderful garden snake” and picks up the snake and handles it and her son which is my age sees the mother handle the snake and there is no fear. So that child, when it sees a snake, has a different response than when I see a snake. So when we both see a snake I get excited and scared, whereas when he sees a snake he is interested and enthusiastic. We both see the same snake but have totally different behaviors.

How come? The way we learn about life is by giving everything a value, whether it is good, it is bad, it is safe, it is scary. So if we ever see that thing again, we already have a value and this value is based on our first experiences.


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