How do you use 100% of your brain?

Do you know how to use 100% of your brain?


7 thoughts on “How do you use 100% of your brain?

  1. Thank you for the information disputing the 10% brain-use theory. I was looking for an explanation regarding integration of intellectual and imaginal “thinking”.

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  3. This is what babies do who have ‘tummy time’. Observe a 4month old on the floor, if an interesting object is placed within reach of their left hand, they will often use their opposite hand to reach for the object. Fascinating. Babies are amazing. So is Bruce, thank you .

  4. Perhaps meditation is the art of engaging the 10% of the brain’s neurons in the mental gymnastics of sacred fractal geometry so as to tap into the holographic fabric of space, thus opening up the remaining potential 90% of the brain to the infinite possibilities of the entire universe that is wrapped up within each and every one of us.

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