How do we awaken consciousness?

The movement of awakening consciousness involves a revision of the belief of being a biological victim of biology of life. Science says that biological programming controls genetics. Whereas I believe that Consciousness rewrites genetics. The new science of epigenetics. There is work on stem cells – the cells were integrated with the environment, and one affected the other (Details in The Biology of Belief). Consciousness has an interface if in harmony in the world, resulting in healthy biology.

The more we can come together and agree to accept a basic understanding, then we can offer it to the world. Whoever is the leadership should consider that we are creating a vision that we can collectively support, then government and leadership can use that as a reference. Unifying of opinion is a very powerful  tool. If we can get some clarity on some fundamental points, it will be significant.

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6 thoughts on “How do we awaken consciousness?

  1. i believe the wording is slightly skewed…consciousness IS….awareness can be awakened, and /or increased, and decreased…semantics…blessings

  2. Starting with self first, being consciously aware of limiting programming I had bought into dismissing it, then reprogramming my thinking; then joining others working along the same line – together we form a collective consciousness and create a productive atmosphere for the benefit of the masses. Leadership is in creating the mental-emotional atmosphere.

  3. Your writing has changed my life..Thank you! I am a Life Coach and speak to many individuals as well as groups and always use your wonderful words. The ripples travel far!

  4. Thank you! So tells spirituality…and the resonance with the truth, within. Life, in form physical, is for the realization of soul, as one with the divine…the life force…the universal energy of creation. Thus, limitations born and borne, are meant to be transcended, and so proceeds the soul, ever-transcending. We call it evolution! It is all about re-writing and editng the script! Belief creates, as notes Neale Donald Walsch and his Conversations with God, Wordsworth hails, “Faith is a passionate intuition, ” Shakespeare knocks,”Go to your bosom: Knock there, and ask your heart what it doth know,” Einstein acknowledges, for his contribution and accomplishment, his passionate curiosity, and shares, “”I simply imagine it so, then go about to prove it,” holding intuition as the real valuable thing!

    Warm regards,

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