How is your health affected by living in love vs fear?

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3 thoughts on “How is your health affected by living in love vs fear?

  1. my work place is has a high stress level. We are constantly hurrying dealing with upset people. Almost everyone of my coworkers & myself are dealing with serious illnesses, cancer, Parkinson’s, asthma, migraines, fibromyalgia etc… We are treated like machines. What can we do to make our job better, or say to make the CEO’s help us?

    • Hi Jenny,

      Thank you for the gift of your message and taking the time to write. My name is Laura and I help assist Bruce while he is unable to answer (he is currently teaching in New Zealand).

      You may be interested in exploring Bruce’s resource pages ( and “Bruce’s Free Content” page?

      Also other way to personal connect with Bruce:
      One – His schedule is located here:
      Two – Bruce has a monthly membership call at, where you would be able to ask questions before hand and have them answered. His next membership call is May 9th. If there is anything I may assist you with please let me know.

      Have a beautiful rest of your week Jenny!

  2. This is excellent…clear and concise description of how too much stress in one’s life (based in “fear”) affects health. Many clients have told me, “I’m not afraid”, not understanding that all motions not based in love are, actually, based in fear. Stress, anger, frustration, confusion, etc., etc.

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