Continuing….Does having a specific gene mean you are going to have cancer?

The point is that we rarely have any self-conscious awareness 
of the existence such limiting fundamental programs. The subconscious 
function is to run “acquired” programs with out the need of 
supervision or participation of the conscious mind, which leads to 
them operating OUT of our field of awareness.  Simply, we are not 
cognizant of the their operation…they are invisible. And a more 
important aspect, it means that our lives and biology or more or less 
under the control of programs provided by others…we are not living 
the lives that our “conscious” mind desires. 

This is where it is necessary to probe the “beliefs” hidden in the 
subconscious…and of course I believe that  when the technique is 
used properly, kinesiology can identify programs that are sabotaging 
us (for example PYSCH-K).  This for me is the first step in any recovery program.

that have cancers “removed” but that don’t profoundly change their 
belief systems are candidates for a reoccurence of the cancer.

 Unfortunately, some of the hidden beliefs that actually exacerbate 
the condition are those the we acquired as infants concerning the 
medical profession.  We unconsciously have been programmed to accept 
the physcian’s findings as the “word of God.” Our unconscious 
behavior will accept the “professional’s opinion” as TRUTH, and will 
therefore accommodate those beliefs by turning them into biology.  
While the cancer may have been caused by belief X, it may be driven 
by the so-called “truths” we bought from the doctor.  People fail to 
consider the influence of the underlying basic belief that the doctor 
”Knows” (which in this case truly constitutes a negative nocebo 
response) when they are busy trying to find Belief X, considered to 
be the cause of the disease.

I once tried to have a discussion with a very young woman that was 
considering a radical double mastectomy as a “preventative” measure 
even though she did not have any cancer.  Along the way I learned 
that the “truths” offered by her father and brother, both medical 
doctors, were unshakeable.  I later relented and acknowledged that 
she should go ahead with the mutilation of her body because her 
belief that she was going to be a victim was SO strong, that she 
would have inevitably created the cancer anyway.

The issues with Lisa that have resulted in the expression of cancer 
are truly below her level of consciousness (ie, in her 
subconscious).  But those beliefs have now been strengthened and 
enhanced by the professionals that have provided her with medical 
diagnoses.  If her subconscious really believes that the cancer is 
inevitable…it is.  Wanting “Not to have the cancer” is a conscious 
desire, but will most likely not be effective in the presence of 
strong subconscious belief programs the we acquired in our 
development that suggest we are frail vulnerable human bodies and our 
health is not in our hands, but in the hands of the “professionals.”

The conclusion is: One should follow the actions that are programmed 
in the subconscious mind, since they are the ones that control the 
show.  Of course…that is why I also highly recommend energy 
psychology to assess and help rewrite limiting beliefs, for this is 
really the only way out: taking control of our programs.  The issue 
is primarily in the hands (or more accurately, the mind-) of Lisa.  
Beliefs work when they are truly beliefs, as distinct from “wishes.”  
Does Lisa believe she can control her biology, or does she “wish” and 
”hope” she can?  To me, that is the primary question that must be 
considered before subsequent responses.

For the previous blog post: Does having a specific gene mean you are going to have cancer?


3 thoughts on “Continuing….Does having a specific gene mean you are going to have cancer?

  1. Dr Lipton, Thank God for you!!! I as a Certified Hypnotist and Reiki Grand Master Teacher, have thèse discussions with my clients everyday! I explain to my them that their minds are the most Super Powerful computers in the world, but the old floppy disks with their thoughts and beliefs from the age of 0-7 are what’s running the show…!
    By bypassing the logical mind through hypnosis and with Reiki (energy) is the only way to get rid of their mental and emotional issues rapidly and permanently!!! People think that their rational minds are so brilliant, so I ask them…when you have nightmares at night, why doesn’t your Mind tell you “what are you getting worked up about, …you’re safe in bed….” So It is high time a big voice like yours steps out into the social media platforms and explains it to all!! Thank you!!!

  2. Lisa doesn’t believe, so she can’t do it.
    My opinion is that when we want to manifest something in our lives 1º we wish, 2º we hope, 3º we believe, 4º we know / we feel that will happen and then it happens…

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