Is there hope or relief? Ever heard of Spontaneous Remission?

There are these nagging questions lurk in the back of our minds: “Is there hope or relief? or “Will our plight be better next week, next year or ever?”

Not likely, according to Darwinists, life and evolution are an eternal “struggle for survival.”

As if that were not enough, defending ourselves against the bigger dogs in the world is only half the battle. Internal enemies also threaten our survival. Germs, viruses, parasites, and, yes, even foods with such sparkly names as Twinkies can easily foul our fragile bodies and sabotage our biology. Parents, teachers, and doctors programmed us with the belief that our cells and organs are frail and vulnerable. Bodies readily breakdown and are susceptible to sickness, disease, and genetic dysfunction. Consequently, we anxiously anticipate the probability of disease and vigilantly search our bodies for a lump here, a discoloration there, or any other abnormality that signals our impending doom.

So what do we do? Where do we go from here? Ever heard of Spontaneous Remission?

Spontaneous Remission: Every day, thousands of patients are told, “All the tests are back and the scans concur . . . I am sorry; there is nothing else we can do. It is time for you to go home and get your affairs in order because the end is near.” For most patients with terminal diseases, such as cancer, this is how their final act plays out. However, there are those with terminal illnesses who express a more unusual and happier option-spontaneous remission. One day they are terminally ill, the next day they are not. Unable to explain this puzzling yet recurrent reality, conventional doctors in such cases prefer to conclude that their diagnoses were simply incorrect-in spite of what the tests and scans revealed.

According to Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona, author of Coyote Medicine, spontaneous remission is often accompanied by a “change of story.” Many empower themselves with the intention that they-against all odds-are able to choose a different fate. Others simply let go of their old way of life with its inherent stresses, figuring they may as well relax and enjoy what time they have left. Somewhere in the act of fully living out their lives, their unattended diseases vanish. This is the ultimate example of the power of the placebo effect, where taking a sugar pill is not even needed!

We all have this power!

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