Are you what you eat?

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Ever heard that a “change in diet, exercise may change your genes”? Here’s the study! Click here


9 thoughts on “Are you what you eat?

  1. Cool Bananas ! Can we alter the RNA genetics within our food by exposing our food to a newer more positive resonating environment – does the RNA within our food become fixed or is it mutable, therefore can be fixed? Eg in a ‘holy’ place where life affirming action resonates so strongly we all feel its ‘power’, it influence on us, will not the food prepared and consumed their be scary good – in the same way whether it be through prayer, meditation, mantra, song and/or right action (Dharma) – performing such action in preparing, and eating our food I suspect might affect our DNA in the best of ways.

    • This begs the question of food prepared under duress or in a place not holy, say a rehab or a active substance users house, are those folk dammed to a less than existence cuz they don’t eat in church. I believe the opposite. And yes for the most part, we are what we think we are . . . eating.

      • Right, we are what we THINK we are eating. It’s not the prayers of the preparer, it’s the state of mind, around the food, of the eater. Placebo/Nocebo. It’s everything. We are what we think… about what we eat.

  2. How do our thoughts, feelings/emotions and beliefs play into this? If our thoughts, feelings/emotions and beliefs actually control our DNA by creating it’s environment, and we can use them to heal things like cancer, and we know about the placebo effect, doesn’t how we FEEL about the food we eat have an even greater effect than the food itself. For example, let’s say you are eating a GMO apple but you don’t believe all the “GMO will hurt me” stuff, you just believe the apple is healthy and good for you, won’t it be, healthy and good for you.

    Where is the line between “our thoughts, etc. Crete our life” and “you are what you eat” blurred?

  3. In 2011, I had a friend who asked for guidance to lower his PSA reading of 5.4, which his doctor felt would require treatment. We looked at his nutrition intake and lifestyle, made a few changes and within two months, his reading had dropped to a reasonable 2.89. I am not sure what his genes looked like, yet understand the physics of foods consumer in relation to the color and flavor. Each of these properties can dictate the organ system that will be effected; consuming specific color and/or flavors of foods. Using these indicators, we can speed up or slow down activity in specific regions of the body, and functions as well. I call this method, ‘Food Physics & Body Dynamics’ and have a patent on my Master’s thesis, under the name, The Spirit of Food, dated the year 2000.

  4. I find the subject of food, fascinating. Do you have a double blind on any of this? Placebo/Nocebo play a huge roll. Why is food any different than a drug? If our mind can change our physiology then it thinks a pill is good for it, then it can also change our physiology when we think a food is good for it. And we all have subconscious beliefs about fruits and veggies, just ask Popeye. If you locked a kid in a basement and it never saw anyone or anything else and you told them McDonald burgers and fries were really amazing health food, would they be health???

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