Want to transform your aging process?

The view of aging is undergoing a radical transformation in the Western world. With rising consciousness and extended life spans, after sixty is no longer the “go gently into the night” stage of life. With decades of quality living ahead, audacious elders now expect to live a fully engaged and exciting life.

There is shocking new science proving that DNA does not control our life span; humorists, who keep us laughing at ourselves; spiritual teachers, who emphasize the rich harvest of wisdom that we inherit in the second half of life; and social commentators, who point out the beautiful gifts of community that engaged elders can create. Alternately personal and global practices are on the forward edge of the revolution that is transforming elderhood.

Age audaciously as you live audaciously!

Want to hear more? Click here: Aging (previous post) and more to come this week 🙂


7 thoughts on “Want to transform your aging process?

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  2. Aging?? Nah more like maturing, blooming, being in my prime in mind and body because that’s what my soul wants

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  4. All this is regulated. First we must reach a global evolution of consciousness, then stop oversized reproduction, only then will higher consciousness allow changing patterns ~

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