What is love to you?

Indeed for centuries the concept of love has just been an understanding or an explanation to describe internal feelings.  However, in the last few years, the definition has now been associated with neurochemistry.

Three hormones, and especially their inter-relationships, have now been established as the chemistry responsible for love, desire, intimacy and bonding.  The three primary hormones are Oxytocin (the chemistry that enhances bonding in relationships, sets up appropriate psychological boundaries, and maintains intimate relationships. In the literature it is actually referred to as the “Love hormone.”), Dopamine (a powerful “feel-good” chemical in the brain’s reward system, associated with pleasure — and addiction) and Serotonin (a brain chemical associated with well-being and calmness.)


5 thoughts on “What is love to you?

  1. Do men produce oxytocin? Probably a lot less than women, or else it’s made less effective by their large amount of testosterone. Wondering….

  2. I shall do my daily puja honouring my beloved partner Tansen, who left his body 6 months ago, and my beloved Masters, Papaji & Ramana. I place flowers on my altar, light candles & incense then repeat what my Master said after every Satsang. ” Let there be love & peace among all beings of the Universe”. I also ask for love & peace for specific suffering individuals. These are always changing naturally. Chanting is also a blessing & expression of love. I now focus everyday on coming from love no matter how difficult the situation. This has helped a lot with my grief.
    LOVE to you & Margaret, such an inspiring couple.

  3. Dr. Gabor Maté, the Vancouver Psychiatrist who is taking us “beyond addiction”, defines love as “being in the here and now.” Our Beloved, in Bruce Lipton’s terms, is part of our immediate “environment”! It is good to know what hormones play their role and it is good to know how to activate those hormones! Being in the “here and now” is being in love!

  4. Love should not be confused with an emotion. It is not so. We say we desire to be loved, as we also say we wish to be so called, “happy”. When we say we are “happy”, what we are expressing is a very narrow almost illusionary view, that all our critical needs are being met. When get a quick view, at even a somewhat broader and more accurate perspective of our reality, we at once realize that the process of growing is what is important. Love is not an emotion, it does however evoke other emotions in humans. Love in my humble opinion is the reason for the process, and the ultimate end goal. We are little potential “Loves”, learning to be real Love.

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