What standard acceptance in the medical profession is there that our cells respond more efficiently to Vibrational frequency than to chemistry?

Standard knowledge means it’s published in the scientific journals to me. Accepted knowledge means what scientists are collectively thinking.  Unfortunately, what is accepted as conventional thinking and what has been published represent two different fields of awareness.

There is a common parallel in regard to today’s world energy crisis. For instance, there are other ways of creating energy that are more efficient and effective than burning fossil fuels.   The fact is that it is not in the interest of the fossil fuel industry to recommend other technologies. This is the same situation as in the medical industry, which has become a business that is primarily directed by funding from the pharmaceutical industry. Since energy medicine does not serve the financial interests of the chemical-selling pharmaceutical industry, conventional medicine has no interest in endorsing energy healing modalities.


13 thoughts on “What standard acceptance in the medical profession is there that our cells respond more efficiently to Vibrational frequency than to chemistry?

  1. Very true! As a matter of fact, I ran into something even more sinister. After chemo administered for Stage 4 cancer and a stem cell transplant (which made that chemo more like a walk in the park), the lining of my entire digestive track was completely destroyed. Allopathic medicine does NOT have a protocol for assisting our bodies to regenerate a healthy digestive track. I found such guidance with a holistic practitioner and was able to heal my intestinal track. Without a fully functioning digestive track, one can eat as healthy as possible without hardly any benefit because all those nutrients pass thru unabsorbed. My oncologist was surprised with the results but never did refer any of his patients to get such guidance. Could it be because that would be working against the machine of recurring cancer in former patients?

  2. I only use energy protocols as a first response and at 75 am taking no prescribed drugs much to the amazement of my MD last physical I had. He said I am in about the top 3 percentile for my age for not requiring any but gave me a prescription anyway based on his records 🙂 I was also involved in wind energy research and you would not believe the resistance to that. Windmills spoil the view and a bird could fly into one.

  3. It’s always about the money! Hopefully one day the people will wake up and realized the truth. I see this awakening happening in my office everyday. Patients will come in with a condition they were told they would have to live with for the rest of their lives. Then a miracle happens and there lives are changed forever. Energy medicine will hopefully find its place in today’s world.

  4. Your question reminds me of an experience with billing for electrical services stemming back to the mid-1970s. With an answer I “saw” in the mind’s eye, I along with a friend tested the “item” imaginally starting in 2005 and received significantly lower bills each month following related imaginal action. Her bills dropped from over $350 monthly average to under $200 and mine, from above $125 to under $95 and sometimes below $30. I had waited almost three decades for the device, although aware of blowback potential from electrical companies to keep it off the market. Any persons who educated the imagination and steadied the attention can accomplish things like this and more, including the application of energy healing modalities, without being concerned about who opposes. Each person is responsible for his/her health.
    From where I see it regarding energy healing modalities, the cat is out of the bag. Infinite processes were always here waiting for us to discover and apply them. When I read your account of the 50-some trillion miniature intelligent human beings (MIHBs) within me (cells), in relation to my attitudes, I found it easy to buy into the idea of being responsible for my health and wellbeing. Some of it is very simple and easy and some, highly complex – but all of it is doable and possible: I buy into the idea of infinite possibilities in all things. I recognize challenges those in conventional medicine face – primarily fears of losing power over their patients and money and long-standing beliefs and programming regarding the order of life, etc., but I choose to not wait for them to come on board. All of humanity including scientists, politicians, professionals as well as consumers operate within possibilities they had chosen whether they are conscious of it or not, and whether they realize their power of consciousness.

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  6. I really admire your standing up for the greater truth, Bruce. In my personal experience with alternative natural solutions, including reprogramming hidden disempowering beliefs all contributed to my having revered Cerebral Palsy I use to have. Sometime ago, while and after listening to your audio book on the Biology of Belief, I was so elated to hear you as an expert speaking such wisdom, is inspiring and so necessary. Thank you so much!

  7. In my experience, I had a weak immune system since infancy that continued into my adult life, and was on synthetic hormone meds for 20 years that turned out to have been damaging my liver to the point of my showing early signs of deceases with my liver. having had such a week immune system, I began exploring what else was possible, learning to understand the language of my own body to give me clues to unraveling the root causes of challenges. And found that my body resonated better with having acupuncture treatments, which I did diligently for a full year, then my immune system spiraled upward, and I kept up with this for another few more years on a regular basis. Like so many of us, we were conditioned to believing everything were told to do or accept. fortunately, more and more people are waking up to this. Turning to alternative healing arts saved my life, as well as my reclaiming to take back my power of my body, mind, and emotions. I’m so much healthier for it, and have been experiencing the benefits of, Biophonix Resonance System that is a system of health management for patients as well as self care

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