Choosing an alternate path….

Continuing on from yesterday’s post about how researchers tracked low-risk prostate cancer patients who decided against conventional medical treatment and chose an alternate path…


New science emphasizes that we actively control our genetic expression moment by moment, throughout our lives. We are learning-organisms that can incorporate life experiences into our genomes and pass them on to our offspring, who will then incorporate their life experiences into the genome to further human evolution.

The new science of epigenetics prepares us to shed the notion of “victimhood” and realize “mastery” in the unfolding of our lives. The knowledge offered by this new science can be employed to maintain health and wellbeing in the face of global upheaval.

For further information on the new biology and resources that can facilitate the changing limiting perceptions, please visit:


4 thoughts on “Choosing an alternate path….

  1. I did. In 2012 I went to the emergency room because I had trouble breathing. Two months later I woke up. still in the hospital,and was told I had a heart attack, a stroke, respiratory failure,twice). phenomena and who knows what else while I was in the hospital. They replaced a valve and repaired a valve. When I came home from the hospital I couldn’t walk nor swallow foods, (other than really soft food and liquids). I weighed 79 pounds. After coming home from the hospital I refused all drugs and substituted them with cayenne and hawthorn berries for my heart. I detoxed my body to get rid of the medication they had given me during the time in the hospital, ate organic foods, drank plenty of pure water, did yoga every single day and just visualized myself in good health. I am 76 years old and have no illnesses (condititions, diseases, etc.) and no aches or pains.I believed I could get well and kept a positive attitude. It’s amazing what the mind can do.

  2. I am glad I learned about your epigenetics. Had I not, I would have not been too brave and bold in how am defying so called medical experts. We have been healing numeroua diseases with Minerals that are lacking which cause diseases! Thank you Dr. Bruce for the inapiration. I have to think of youe journey to keep me going. If an expert like you have been discounted by the so called authority how mucb more I will experience? So we do one psrson at a time untill it ripples and create waves.

  3. Some times it takes a real fright to get us to expand our consciousness ,, that is being truly self responsible,,,,rather than depending on medicals limited view,, we all are Power Spiritual Beings, but have been taught the opposite ! NOW IS THE TIME TI WAKE UP !

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