How is our world shifting?

Modern science has led the world to shift from spiritual aspirations to a war for material accumulation. In addition to terrorizing the world’s human population, scientific “progress” has terrorized Mother Nature herself. Our credo, “Better Living Through Chemistry,” has led to our efforts to control Nature with toxic petrochemicals. As a result, we have polluted the environment, undermined the harmony of the biosphere and are rapidly driving ourselves toward extinction. Not yet though!

There are many organizations working towards tending to the garden rather than fighting over the turf 🙂 Do you know of a few…?

Interested in our resources? We list all our resources from Conscious Parenting to Radio and Television right here:


8 thoughts on “How is our world shifting?

  1. Oh yes this lifts my heart! It is true, there are so much wonderful resources growing all over the world, and as I found out, especially in the U.S. I have found Bruce Lipton, I have also found and studied Quantum Touch by Richard Gordon, EFT by Gary Graig, Body Code & Emotion Code by Brad Nelson. But also in Germany we have great great people doing lots and lots of good things for a healthy environment, for a really big loving support for our children ( and And I am also very proud of the scientists of Quantum physics we have had in Germany since the beginning of 1900, not only Heisenberg and H.P.Dürr, or Max Planck – there have been much more almost unknown scientists. I am so happy and so grateful to have this people in organizations around me. Let’s hope, we are able to create the shift again! Love & Light to You All! ❤

  2. Thank you for opening a window of hope, for awaking a new consciousness. Nobody can seriously keep supporting the power in place because it only leads toward more and more destruction. Love, peace and respect for all life. Jpp

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  4. Hi, such an important message! And one that is echoed in our own work on Wisdom and aligning intuitive intelligence of the heart and gut neural networks, embodied cognition and coaching to bring the human spirit alive. How do we get our work and organization listed on your wonderful list: ? You can see more about our work and our many free resources to help people come back to their deep inner wisdom at

  5. I hear where your coming from. I appreciate your passion. And in many cases I agree wholeheartedly, however, I think that it’s important to clarify that it’s man’s lack of ethical and spiritual development that makes science so destructive. Not science in and of itself. Applied with the right intent science can bring about great peace and harmony and ecological balance, and there are numerous examples of this. We should cite specific examples where science fails us, but also try to balance out the arguments. We don’t want to throw out the baby with the bath water so to speak.

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