How does love and evolution intermingle?

Love and Evolution
If indeed love is a resonant harmonic, then a case can be made for evolution being the evolution of love itself.  From the first spark of life ignited by the wave of light impregnating the particle of matter on Earth, every stage of evolution has involved two things: greater connection, and greater awareness.
While we should beware of anthropomorphizing cells – they hate it when we do that – in a very important sense, when single cells joined to become multi-cell organisms, they “surrendered” to a higher level of organization, and “agreed” to live in harmony.  In other words, love.

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7 thoughts on “How does love and evolution intermingle?

  1. Oh if only the Human ‘Cells’ within their differences could learn to live in harmony and function for the good of the whole rather than to exist for their singular selves.. Seems Human’s have still much further to go in evolution before we agree to live in harmony with each other..

    Many thanks for your insights

    • Hi Sue Dreamwalker. I believe that a way to bring our own emotions and this process works, it teaches the energy of emotion drives out of the natural balance and order of natural laws. This new science works. It is called the Dr John Demartini Method. He has a website if you are interested, he was married until her death to Athena Starwoman. I am not sure if you have heard of her? I understand her field was astrology. I hope this helps?

  2. Yo me doy cuenta de que somos muchos los que ya estamos más atentos, más despiertos y abiertos a esta nueva era. ¡Es la Era de la Nueva conciencia! ¡Estamos despertando!

  3. And why did so many of the human race has forgotten that truth? And if love is the ultimate goal for each of us, there should be no other way, than to reach it. So many of our human race is probably mislead in singularity, fear, violence in many ways, thumbness. Wow, this is not easy. There must be a higher power of those who are greater aware and greater connected. I mean, I really want to believe in this: if evolution is love, then love must have a great power – a stable basis for a shift. Hopefully! ❤

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