What intelligent dance is happening between you and the environment?

Contrary to what conventional science and religion have been telling us, evolution is neither random nor predetermined, but rather an intelligent dance between organism and environment. When conditions are ripe, either through crisis or opportunity, something unpredictable happens to bring the biosphere into a new balance at a higher level of coherence.

While we often perceive of examples of spontaneous remission as miraculous healings that happen by the grace of God, looking a little deeper we see something else at work. Quite often these fortunate individuals actively participate in their own healing by consciously or unconsciously making a key, significant change in their beliefs and behaviors.

So here is the bad news and the good news. The story of human life on Earth is yet to be determined. Spontaneous evolution will depend on whether we humans are willing to make changes in our individual and collective beliefs and behaviors, and whether we are able to make these changes in time.


8 thoughts on “What intelligent dance is happening between you and the environment?

  1. Yes I believe nothing is ever cast in stone.. we are all part of that change and how it changes depends upon our very choices we make in our Now moments for the future ones to follow.

    Many thanks as always for your perception and wisdom.

  2. Mr. Lipton my name is Sam Khashabi I have been with you watching a program for last 10 years you have done so much for me I can’t believe that you change my life I’m 70 years old but I feel like I’m a 23 years old and I love you and I always remember your and love for all hate for none

  3. I pray over the water as I wash dishes and send it out with love. I was told that dirty water cleared up by just putting love water into the river.

    I make homeopathic tinctures to kill parasites. (dr. Clark receipe) I was taking the full strength tincture with water, but got the idea to make homeopathic after watchng the following video.. then diluted it up to 6x and programed it with love, joy, peace, patience, kind, gentle, forgiveness and self control AND to KILL PARASITES. and Voila they were gone quicker than just taking the full strength tincture! xox

    water has memory!

  4. So this looks like an answer to my questions.. I do know that I am responsible for how my life my body the earth looks like. And I allready have found a way to live a mostly positive & conscious life. I’ve even managed to heal myself and others. I also have a clear view for what love is. I even started loving myself. This is really the key to make the shift in evolution I guess.
    I just do not see, how to give this gift to the part of the human race, that has not yet changed their beliefs and how do we change the collective behaviors. How can we help to make the shift?

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