What have you heard about biodynamic farming?

“Biodynamics is a spiritual-ethical-ecological approach to agriculture, food production and nutrition.”

Thought I would throw a video in here for anyone interested in learning more 🙂

More information at http://www.brucelipton.com


7 thoughts on “What have you heard about biodynamic farming?

  1. It is a wonderful project, no doubt about it, and cannot wait to see poverty erradicated from the places this will benefit.With all respect though, I foresee a problem, and it is that labour will be subject to marketing and sales, thus perpetuating the Indian problems created by the powers of the “upper casts” over the other. But nonetheless it is an initiative that will feed many empty stomachs and heal many disease sufferers
    May I suggest that you have a look at this project that has been implemented in South America, specifically in Argentina. I think with this wonderful solution for a better world, plus your power to connect, unite and develop, there can be great hope to save the earth and heal human misery. http://www.bioecon.net/

  2. I am so happy that Brucw Lipton ans his friends can publish and propose the only way to live and be greatful and responsable for our life on earth. I hope with ALL MY HEART that you may reach ALL the people on earth, so everyone may be in harmony and equal.

    • You, I wonder if your ideas are being presented at the world EXPO in Milan Italy, the title is : FOOD!
      I think it could a wonderful occasion of expanding your thoughts and ideals.

  3. Oh wow – this is beautiful, I allready have read about India Organic and it’s story I guess. And now there are even better and better stories coming up. What great people do their job over there! This is absolutely amazing. And I love that you say you want help to create heaven on earth!

  4. Rudolf Steiner is the founder of biodynamic farming (Biodynamischer Anbau). It came out of the anthroposophical movement.It is huge in Germany. We have got a lot of biodynamic farms and orchards here.It basically is organic farming in alignment with the cosmos, the planetary constellations and in a “dialogue” with the environment. You don´t just take, but you give back and treat naure with deep respect and understandig for its needs. You nourish the soil, the plants with potions and homeopathy, wholeheartedly. You respect its rhythms throughout the day. I live on top of a biodynamic food store. Demeter is one of its biggest brands, Spielberger another one. Any questions?Feel free to ask!The products, the grain, the fruit, the vegetables, dairy etc. are chock full of energy. Steiner Schools also teach biodynamic gardening.It is part of their curriculum. They are to be found all over the planet! Peace and Blessings, Corinne

  5. Is there no chance at all that we reprogram our mithocondria to use the sun light instead of proteins to produce the energy that the body needs? (using porphyrins who literally ”eat” the sun light) This way we wont need to consume meat or vegetables, just a walk in the park under the sun and some water, i think…

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