Has the biology of belief impacted your life?

ABSOLUTELY!!!!  I have even rewritten many of my own limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs, and in the process have found health, happiness and love!  There are many “new” technologies that can help us rapidly rewrite subconscious beliefs/thoughts. We can alter our beliefs and in turn altering our programs.

It is actually belief “rewriting” and not “replacement.”  It is like opening up a Word document in the computer and editing the text, then saving the edits.  The best part is that you can rewrite your programs over and over again. We are not stuck with any problem. So there is no limitation on how much we can edit the programs in our minds.  If the new belief fails, simply create a better one.

We are not victims of our genes, we are masters of our fate!

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6 thoughts on “Has the biology of belief impacted your life?

  1. Have the right set of beliefs
    Change your life !
    Study the Lives of successful people
    Improve on their lifestyles !
    The Universe always Serves me what I ordered !
    I must be careful, thoughtful and creative. Yes I can live the Ideal Life
    from now on !
    We need God, Religion, Good Prople , Good Ideals, Self Esteem, and Hard Work
    to Change the DNA of our Destiny.
    IN God I Trust
    I Trust myself
    I will be the Change , that I Want to be.

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